Phish All Time Top 10 Halloween Jams

What are your favorite jams performed on this date in Phish history? Many spring to mind: “Wolfman’s Brother” and the Velvet Underground’s “Lonesome Cowboy Bill” from ’98, the Stones’ “Loving Cup” from 2009’s Festival 8, or “Fuego’s” debut in ’13? “Harpua” 1994 perhaps? Maybe the jazzy “Jesus Just Left Chicago” that outshined the Quadrophenia set in ’96 (and that’s saying something). Or 2014’s entire “Chilling, Thrilling” set? Of course it’s completely up to debate, so in the spirit of that debate, here’s ten to consider:

10 “Rock and Roll” (Velvet Underground) Halloween 1998

9 “Sand” Halloween 2014

8 “Simple” Halloween 1996

7 “Carini” Halloween 2013

6 “Divided Sky” Halloween 1994

5 “Crosseyed and Painless” (Talking Heads) Halloween 1996

4 “You Enjoy Myself” Halloween 1995

3 “Wolfman’s Brother” Halloween 1998

2 “Martian Monster” Halloween 2014

1 “Reba” Halloween 1994

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