Electric Würms Confirm Debut Album – Stream Lead Single “Heart of The Sunrise”

Steven Drozd and Wayne Coyne’s new band Electric Würms release their debut track today, June 9th. Stream their cover of Yes’ “Heart of the Sunrise” below and download it at iTunes or other digital outlets. Along with the lead single comes the confirmation that their debut record Musik, die Schwer zu Twerk will be released August 18th in the UK via Bella Union and August 19th stateside via Warner Brothers.

The Future Heart’s extensive preview is here. Below is an abridged FAQ:

What Songs are on the Debut Record?

According to the band’s bio: “There is a particular track called Transform!!! that closely resembles a drug fueled boogie freak rock track by Miles Davis. Another verse Heart Of The Sunrise sounds vaguely like a song by the prog folk group Yes. Of course Yes also turned themselves into space ships so it’s no wonder these songs share a similar vibe.The ensemble leans toward a hypnotic mood for most of the space bible readings. It is a scary truth that we are hearing and then forced to ponder. The pulsating poem Living states… “live as if you were living already for the second time. And that you had acted wrong the first time”. I will. I will. The sub hop death blues track The Bat offers no mercy. “So the dream remains mysterious. You keep searching for the sound. What you’re really hearing is an all glass structure collapsing into the ground. Its splinters going everywhere. In your eyes and in your mouth”.

Here’s the full tracklist:

1 I Could Only See Clouds
2 Futuristic Hallucination
3 The Bat (preview at 2:06)
4 Living
5 Transform!!! (preview)
6 Heart of the Sunrise (preview, and buy now)

Will These Tracks Transport the Listener into a New Kind of Transcendental Orbit?

Yes, if the press release is to be believed. It states: “This album will transport the listener into a new kind of transcendental orbit, unlike one might expect from THE LIPS alone. These six velvety compositions appear to be harvested from a higher bardo plane of sound yet, maintains a pleasantly familiar rock “experience” associated with The Lipsian oeuvre.

Take a sneak peak of the recording sessions below. More videos still to come (subscribe here and follow updates).

Is This an Album or an EP?

The press release calls it “a six-song album“…but iTunes lists it as an EP. Either way it’s about a half hour of new material.

On What Formats Will It Be Released?

Per the press release: “The album will be available on CD, digital and vinyl formats. The limited edition vinyl album will pressed on Purple Dayglo vinyl. Cape not included but possibly implied.”

“Heart of the Sunrise” is out now “digitally through all participating digital retailers.”

Is that Sperm Swimming Away from Worms on the Cover?

Electric sperm? Maybe. You be the judge:

Musik, Die Schwer Zu Twerk?

That’s a broken German translation of the hashtag Coyne has added to many of his social media posts about the project #musicthatishardtotwerkto. “Some of it is indeed hard to twerk to but some of it, if I could do it, is not,” reports the band’s bio.

How Did the Project Come About?

According to the band’s bio: “It all began in the late 70s when someone invented the right kind of acid that could make you fly! It seemed that everything was, at last, possible. And the overly optimistic freaks of the day began flying into outer space.”

According to Steven the original intention was “to get a psych-prog band going.  Wayne wanted me to be this weird John McLaughlin-style front guy playing guitar with a crack team of prog musicians.”

Who are the Electric Würms?

Steven explainedwe’re working with a band called Linear Downfall at the moment – and then Wayne will play synth on one song, electric bass on another, and he’ll play percussion and stuff.”

What Do Linear Downfall Have to Say About This?

Funny you should ask.

Are Other Artists Involved with This Project?

It appears yes, in some manner. Though the exact personal on the record has not been confirmed, Wayne’s hashtags have teased several artists‘ involvement (including MGMT). Don’t get your hopes up too high, but do stay tuned

Can I See Electric Würms in Concert?

Yes. They’ll make their live debut August 31st at Larmer Tree Gardens as part of the End Of the Road Festival. On September 1st they play London’s The Village Underground. No other dates have been announced, but you can follow their ticketmaster page here.


Where Can I Find Würms’ Photos, Videos and More Details?


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