Jeffrey Lewis Posts Comics from Lost 2005 Mural with David Herman Dune

In January 2005, music/ illustrators Jeffrey Lewis and David Herman Dune spent three days drawing a giant comic book mural for a show they were paying as part of a special program at the Confort Modern cultural center in Poitiers, France. The rolls of paper stayed hung on the walls after the concert, never to be seen again by the artists. Jeffrey writes in a new thread on his message board, “it was much too big for us to take with us! Where is it now? I really don’t know… I think it was displayed again somewhere a couple years later… but in 2007 I was emailed a bunch of photographs of the individual panels from the comic/mural.”

For the first time fans outside of France can see pieces of this giant comic, as Jeffrey uploaded a bunch of images in the above linked thread. Some cells are below. Head to Lewis’ message board for more.

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