Anticipated Kliph Scurlock 2014 Projects

May 2nd – Stream one of the tracks Kliph worked on with Matt Owen last week, “Breaking The Mold.”

May 1st – Marc Tweed’s project mentioned in the original post below is currently called Split Level Stiffs. Marc has finished tracking the album and Kliph has begun mixing, finishing two songs so far. Also Kliph may appear on the Electric Würms debut

April 30th – Last week Kliph recorded drum parts for Peace in the Eyes of the Pure, Matt Owen’s Eclectic Tuba’s sequel to Intergalactic Domination. A preview of the album with photos of the sessions are here. And it looks like Stardeath and White Dwarfs’ sophomore record is finally coming out (though if Kliph did or did not master it hasn’t been confirmed yet).

April 15th – Although news of a physical issue (or a record label to release it) have yet to surface, is streaming twelve tracks. A full report on the album is here.

March 5th – American Interior is due out May 5th. Gruff will world première its companion film at SXSW on March 11th, followed by a performance with Kliph and Keith Bear. Gruff (with Kliph on drums) is also playing Turnstile’s SXSW showcase on March 13th. More details on American Interior are here. The Future Heart guide to SXSW 2014 is here.

February 26th – Listen to “American Interior,” the title track from Gruff Rhys’ forthcoming album. His website notes,it was constructed and played out fast and loose – like a peaceful war, by Gruff Rhys on Guitar and vocals, Kliph Scurlock on drums, Osian Gwynedd on piano, and playing what is without argument the greatest electric mandola solo in the history of recorded song – Alun Tan Lan.”

February 25th – “7 Skies H3,” The Flaming Lips’ “24 hour song,” has been confirmed for release this Record Store Day as a “single disk reduction” mastered by Kliph. Full details are here.
Though he’s best known as The Flaming Lips drummer, Kliph Scurlock kept busy last year with a slew of other projects, and 2014 looks to be no different. In addition to remastering every release in Sixteen Deluxe’s catalog owned by the band (all available now on bandcamp) and old tracks by Contortion Horse, his former band with Marc Tweed, in 2013 Kliph also:

  • mixed Skating Polly’s last album Lost Wonderfuls (released in April) and some newer, still-unreleased material for the duo
  • worked on mixes for a couple of Birds Of Avalon tunes
  • mastered Steve-n-steveN’s debut album.

That’s three forthcoming 2014 releases he assisted right there.

Kliph also mastered two BE/NON albums: Esperanto At The Pantheon, Incognito, issued last month, and Ran, a compilation released today. BE/NON is a long running project by Brodie Rush, the other half of Kliph’s group The Rohypnol Rangers. “I have a band with my friend, Brodie, called the Rohypnol Rangers,” Kliph explained to in 2009. “Our music is as obnoxious as the name would suggest.

The profane duo have recorded about half an album. Perhaps another half will come this year. While we wait, here’s an old demo of “Ass Grabbin’ Dad.”  Cross your fingers for more catchy ditties about asses real soon.

Brodie and Kliph have also been working for the past couple of years on a project called Air Station. “The Rohypnol Rangers are great fun and I think we even come up with some good tunes from time to time despite our best efforts not to,” Kliph explained to Taken By Sound in 2012, “but it’s kind of one thing and we’re wanting to stretch out and try some other things, so we gave it a different name.” Whether or not their album will reach the public is anybody’s guess.

But wait, there’s more. Kliph drums on forthcoming records by Cloudland CanyonGruff Rhys, and Marc Tweed, all recorded at 2013 sessions. Although the first two won’t feature Kliph drumming on the complete albums, Tweed’s will. Can’t wait to hear them? Here’s “Nova Storm,” a 2011 Tweed track with Kliph on drums, and fan footage of Gruff and Kliph playing new material in concert. Gruff’s project is both an album and a film and dates back to the summer 2012 tour (shown in the linked fan footage above) that Kliph partially drummed on. Not just any tour, Gruff retraced the steps of John Evans, a farm hand from Wales who traveled to America to discover the truth behind myths about a Welsh-speaking Native American tribe called the Madogwys. After that tour Gruff hooked up with Kliph last February to record the new material for Rhys’s fourth solo album due in the coming months.

Maybe Stardeath and White Dwarfs’ sophomore album will even come out and be mastered by Kliph. Lots more updates are sure to come. Follow twitter/KliphScurlock.

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