Jason Russo of Hopewell and Mercury Rev – Twitter Account of the Year

The 63rd “best twitter account of 2012” is ?uestlove’s – well at least that’s what Paste believes.  Pitchfork offers Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, St Vincent and Wayne Coyne as “top twitters” of the year.  Very well, but both sites overlook the wittiest feed on these here interwebs: Jason Russo @retsoor.

Frontman for both Hopewell and Common Prayer, Jason’s band news is covered @wellhope and @commmonprayer – freeing his personal account for an unyielding stream of demented, disjointed poetry.  Unlike any other musician account, it reads as existential dialogue twisting images, quotes and familiar expressions to play with your mind.  Full of punning non-sequiturs, surreal metaphors, jokes on jokes, and internet mocking, it’s often funny though not a “comedy account” per se.  Followers can mostly expect amusing fragments about jazz hands, aging, this vs that, ponies, and sex (not necessarily together).

Word.  Kurt Cobain has nothing on it.  For example:

Twitter, happier, more productive….

If 140 characters is just too concise to tickle your pickle, Jason discusses Hopewell’s future, his experiences playing in Mercury Rev and more in our interviewcomplete paragraphs and all…


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