Hear Flaming Lips Brand New, Original Christmas Song; Watch Their Holiday Show

In 2007 a CD called Atlas Eets Christmas was released under the pseudonym “Imagene Peise.” Only a few copies were issued, along with a sticker that gave away the identity of the real creators: “Love Is The Answer – Merry Christmas From The Flaming Lips 2007.”
The Flaming Lips’ secret Christmas album also streamed on a myspace page created that December especially for the project. That page included a (fictional) legend about a “master jazz pianist” from Iraq named Imagene Peise. “Rumored to have committed suicide in 1978,most of what is known is shrouded in clouds of legend and smoke of myth” – however her long lost “strange and beautiful” holiday recordings had recently been discovered and thus released as the Atlas Eets Christmas Collection.

Every year since 2009 the Lips have added a new track to the Atlas Eets Christmas collection along with the claim, “they found a new Imagene Peise recording” and in 2011 they created atlaseetschristmas.com, a never-ending free web stream that played much of their career-spanning Christmas recordings, including The Atlas Eets Christmas Collection and much more.

Now, a year later The Lips have “found” another “Imagene Peise” track – that is, they’ve added another new, original song to their no-longer-so-secret pseudonym holiday collection, “Kindness Song (at Christmas).”

In addition to releasing “Kindness Song” on Christmas Eve 2012, the night before the Lips – specifically Steven Drozd with the help of Derek Brown, Daniel Huffman (aka New Fumes) and, for two songs, Wayne Coyne – played the Atlas Eets Christmas material live for the first time ever!

The full performance can be streamed here.

Steven's 2012 Christmas setlist


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