Amanda Palmer and Wayne Coyne Want YOU To Be In Their Music Video

Amanda Palmer is making a video for “Do It With a Rock Star” and wants YOU to be in it…
Well, maybe…. 

Amanda recently posted at “we need a crowd made up of freaks, nerds, and weirdos such as your fine selves, dressed up in your finest Grand Theft Attire.”
Under the direction of Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne the video will be filmed at a TBA Oklahoma City venue on Monday, August 6th from 4 PM to about midnight (possibly later).  To be considered, send a photo to of yourself in the outfit you would wear to the shoot if selected.  Amanda adds, “me and The Grand Theft Orchestra will be performing live…please list any acting, performing, modeling, or otherwise useful experience you’ve had (or why that’s not important).”

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  1. казва:О! Това за взаимопомощта при пишещите ми е ясно отдавна.


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