Okay Video Site Launches with Bill Callahan, Flaming Lips/ Prefuse 73 Cartoons

Note – the original content posted here was deleted after Okay Videos pulled the “Super Moon” video from public viewing.  More details forthcoming…

Last November Wayne Coyne tweeted a short clip of a cartoon in production for a new Flaming Lips music video. It was easy to overlook, as there are so many Lips projects going on right now that have received more attention, but for those that saw that tweet the anticipation for and curiosity about the project has been building since.  The video, now finished, is awaiting an official release but hundreds of fans saw a sneak peak in full after it was uploaded on February 23rd by producers Okay Video on their brand new youtube/theokayvideo channel. The “Super Moon” unofficial debut follows the channel’s re-upload on February 2oth of their animation for Bill Callahan’s “America” (previously debuted last July 1st – just in time for Independence Day – on the personal youtube channel of one of its creators, Ryan Hennessee).  Both were added for the launch of their new site, okay-video.com.  “Super Moon” was further publicized when it was shared by The Flaming Lips on their facebook page on Sunday, February 26th.  By that evening however it was set to “private” (after receiving 660 Facebook ”likes” in ten hours) due to a release mix up.  Okay Videos is currently arranging for an official debut on an established site in the near future.  Follow the latest at twitter/FutureHeartDay


“The Super Moon Made Me Want To Pee” was the second of three official, new Flaming Lips music video that appeared online between February 21st and 24th.  The first was a live clip of “Give Peace a Chance” with the Plastic Ono Band at the turn of 2011-2012 (watch it and other New Year’s performances here).  The third, also with the Plastic Ono Band, though a studio track this time, was ”Brain of Heaven.” This computer graphic freakout (i.e. laser beams shooting out of a digital-rainbow-woman’s vagina) can be watched – with full details – here.

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