Occupy Wall Street Film Raises Funds with Music Collectors Items – Thee Oh Sees Vinyl, Original Painting by Kyp Malone, Gummy Skulls Autographed by Coyne, more

Just as the Occupy Wall Street Movement was gaining steam and serious media attention at the start of last October, some New York filmmakers joined together to make a documentary about it.  According to their kickstarter page, “Soon, there were over 60 people across the country who had come together to join the collaborative film… within a couple weeks people were joining in Denver, Portland, LA, Boston, Seattle, Philly, DC, Kansas City, Miami, Pittsburgh, Austin, Dallas, Rhode Island, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, in short: it took off all over the country.  Skilled editors got onboard, PR people, producers, post production supervisors, a supervising editor signed on, post production services were donated by Metropolis Post, Duotone contributed library music, and everyone started pitching in what they could…The thing all the contributors share is a desire to make a compelling, cohesive and honest film; a film that documents the movement from many perspectives, from many angles, from many cities and towns, and that joins these many voices into a singular and unique portrait.  Guided by award-winning filmmakers and editors, this exciting, independent collaborative film needs your help to make it a reality.”

The project was founded by Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites, “the award-winning director/producers of the internationally theatrically distributed documentary film ‘Until the Lights Take Us“‘ – but is a sprawling creative collaborative involving people from various backgrounds with assorted perspectives on the movement.  It has received major media attention from Wired, NY Times and other sources.

The collaborative is now holding a fund-raiser to pay for hard drive storage and editing space.  The donations come with a series of “rewards” options, several of which are listed below.

  • $25 – A digital download of the film, plus first look access to the trailer, and a “Thank you to YOUR NAME” on the film’s website.
  • $35 – An autographed (by John Dwyer) vinyl copy of Thee Oh Sees album “Castlemania” plus all of the above unlimited rewards..
  • $55 – An autographed (by James Jackson-Toth) copy of Wooden Wand’s LP “Briarwood,” PLUS an autographed copy of the P.G. Six LP “Starry Mind” PLUS an autographed (by John Dwyer) vinyl copy of Thee Oh Sees album “Castlemania.” Plus “Thanks to –” in the credits of the film and a digital download of the film.
  • $145 – One original painting (made for this film) by Kyp Malone of TV On The Radio entitled “Quinn/Simone.” Plus “Thanks to –” in the film’s credits and a digital download of the film.
  • $200 – Extremely limited edition FLAMING LIPS Gummy Skull (which encloses a USB drive loaded with 4 Flaming Lips songs) – There are currently no more skulls available on their site. Donated and signed by Wayne Coyne. You will also receive a “Thanks to –” in the film’s credits, plus a digital download of the film..
  • $225 – A full catalogue collection from Factory 25! One of our favorites, independent film + music label Factory 25 releases fascinating deeply independent narrative films and music docs. Titles included in this collection: All The Way From Michigan Not Mars, You Weren’t There: A History Of Chicago Punk, High School Record, Damon and Naomi: 1001 Nights, Altamont Now, Brock Enright: Good Times Will Never Be the Same, Until The Light Takes Us, and more! Formats include Blue Ray, DVD, LP/DVDs. Also included Factory 25 fun swag! — Plus “Thanks to YOUR NAME” in the film’s credits and a digital download of this film..
  • For the complete list of rewards (and availability), and/or to make a pledge – check the right column on the project’s kickstarter page.

Besides monetary donations, they are also requesting other sorts of contributions: “Tweet about us, tell your friends online, or contribute your skills in some way. Write to 99percentfilm@gmail.com and tell us what you’d like to do.

The fundraiser lasts through January 13th, though they’ve already reached their immediate goal of $17,500 (as can be seen in the screen shot above from this evening).  Remarkable considering yesterday they were still “in the single digits…”







Follow the film’s development at twitter/99_film and facebook.com/99percentfilm.

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