Future Heart/ Dwelling Spaces Holiday “Name That Tune” Game and Contest

The Future Heart and Dwelling Spaces are hosting a

“Name That Holiday Tune” Game and Contest

now through Christmas!

Can you name the songs – and the artists performing them – in the above video?
Today there are actually four tracks (two each by two artists)… but the middle two are short and mixed together simply as a segue from the two main songs that come first and last.

The first person to correctly identify the first and last song/artist – at 0:00 and 4:56 – will be in the running to win prizes from Dwelling Spaces….

Here’s how it works.  Every Monday-Friday now through Christmas a new video will posted with unidentified holiday music. The first contestant whom “likes” facebook.com/DwellingSpaces and facebook.com/TheFutureHeart to name the contest songs and the artists in the comment section on any page of this blog will be awarded one point.  At the end of the ten contest days, the contestant with the most points will choose their prize from the following five options: 

  • Flaming Lips t-shirt
  • You in Me (Steven Drozd) 7″ single
  • Bigfoot in Oklahoma t-shirt
  • Public Arts Project 66 t-shirt
  • Flaming Lips Hot Sauce: 3 drops of death

The contestant with the second most points will then have their choice of the remaining four prizes.  The third place place winner will then choose from the remaining three prizes and so on, such that the five contestants with the most points will each receive one prize.  In the case of a tie, additional videos will be uploaded.

Be aware that you do not have to list your full name when leaving a comment, but make sure to leave your e-mail address so you can be contacting if you win.  All addresses are kept strictly private.  Also, for identification purposes, make sure you list the same e-mail address for every contest you enter and your link to your facebook account in the “website” URL bar (that appears when leaving a comment).

Note that all prizes can also be purchased from Dwelling Spaces – a freaky shop in Tulsa that is proud to sell exclusive Flaming Lips merch, music oddities and killer Oklahoma flair.  All contest music and numerous other Christmas-themed videos can be watched at youtube.com/PsychExFutureHeart.

Check back daily for more contest videos – or subscribe to youtube.com/PsychExFutureHeart by e-mail to be notified immediately upon upload. 

Don’t be surprised if you hear holiday music by:
Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Who, The White Stripes, Miles Davis, Beck, Bjork, Jimi Hendrix, The Polyphonic Spree,The Kinks, Belle and Sebastian, Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, Mogwai, The Sonics, Teenage Fanclub, Low, T-Rex, Badly Drawn Boy, The Vandals, Skip Spence, Sufjan Stevens…

In fact two of the above artists are in today’s video (wink wink)…

Keep an eye on facebook.com/DwellingSpaces and facebook.com/TheFutureHeart for hints on upcoming videos…

Have fun…

  ..and follow twitter.com/FutureHeartDay for updates, still more hints, and miscellaneous holly jolly…


  1. Hey Katie. That’s very very close. In fact it’s so close that I’ll give it to you if no one else gets it.

    Though as of now, the contest is still open…
    The third and fourth tracks are the same traditional Icelandic Christmas carol sung by Bjork.
    The short third track is usually listed as “Merry Christmas from Bjork” since that is the title it appeared under on the KROQ “How The —– Stole Christmas” tape it debuted on in 1995 (Perhaps they didn’t want to confuse Americans with an Icelandic title – and those are the English words she speaks on that version).

    However, the *fourth track* – though technically the same “song” – goes under its traditional Icelandic name. That is the title I am looking for.

    Here’s another hint – it is one word and starts with a “J”…
    I’ll tweet another hint tomorrow.


  2. Icelandic Lyrics:

    Jólasveinar ganga um gólf með gildan staf í hendi móðir þeirra sópar gólf og flengir þá með vendi

    Upp á stól stendur mín kanna níu nóttum fyrir jól
    þá kem ég til manna

    Upp á stól stendur mín kanna níu nóttum fyrir jól
    þá kem ég til manna

    English translation:

    Yule-lads tread the floors
    with a thick staff in hand
    their mother sweeps the floors and spanks them with twigs

    On top of a chair my pitcher stands nine nights before Christmas I head towards mankind

    On top of a chair my pitcher stands nine nights before Christmas I head towards mankind


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