Now’s Your Chance to Interview The Flaming Lips (via CNN)

CNN is scheduled to interview The Flaming Lips in the near future and is requesting YOUR help!

Send CNN “iReport” video questions: “post your video question here before noon ET on Monday, and keep it under 15 seconds. Check back soon on and you could see the answer straight from the Flaming Lips!”

Frontman Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips (at Glastonbury Music Festival) was on stage for the Tibet House show last night.

Watch CNN’s last interview with the Lips (actually, Wayne Coyne and his nephew Dennis – frontman for Stardeath and White Dwarfs) from summer 2010, here.

In other recent Flaming Lips interview news, yesterday posted this interview and on Sunday posted this one (recommended) – both with Wayne.  Also, last Friday, Consequence of Sound’s Ray Roa chatted with Wayne (though it hasn’t been posted yet)

Follow for updates on Flaming Lips’ interviews with CNN, Consequence of Sound and others… 

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