Wayne’s Words of Wisdom (or something like that…)

On April 13, 2011 Wayne Coyne discussed all things bathroom related with Shut Your Fucking Face and Listen.  Scan over some pearls of enlightenment below and read the full conversation at syffal.com.

Wayne Coyne: “We have these fears of like, ‘if someone saw me shit, they would think I’m like less of a human’ …but everybody shits.”

“Sometimes I think the bravest people in the world, they just shit and they don’t care what people think, because, yeah, why should we care?”

“I didn’t want people to KNOW I’m a wimp, and I already know I am.”

“Eating makes you want to shit. Doesn’t it? Or maybe it *causes* you to shit. Maybe it doesn’t make you *want* to shit.”

“I don’t have children of my own, but I’ve been to people’s houses, people talk about shit and piss and vomit and diarrhea, and everything is free. And maybe that’s the way it should be.”

“You can make it easy, when he’s in first grade and he’s pooping, do it the old fashioned way. When he get’s older, and he wants to talk to you about it, then he can do the reach around, or whatever way he wants. That would be my suggestion.”

“I *assume* everybody, already knows, that when we’re forced to pee with each other; we don’t talk. You know, we just look ahead. We do what we must do and we’ll talk outside. But that’s an uncomfortable situation. I have people do that all the time and I try… Well, normally I’m a very accommodating person, but we’re peeing, and we’re going to get this done and it’s just uncomfortable to be peeing & talking. You’re trying to hold your farts in… There’s just a lot going on.”

“We were playing a show in Kilkaney, Ireland and Bob Dylan was playing right after we got done, and that’s what happens at these festivals. Normally, Bob Dylan would have his own bathroom, and maybe we would too, but you never fuckin’ know where you’re going to be at these things, so you just go where it’s convenient. And I feared, I literally FEARED that I would be standing next to Bob Dylan and he’s like struggling to pee ’cause his prostate is swollen or something. It would just crush every last grain of fuckin’ coolness that I saw in him.”

“There’s a story of Nina Simone using a bathroom at one of the last giant English festivals that she played, she got trapped in there. People had to come and help her out of a shitty, outside, port-a-john. I mean, dude, that’s the end of the world. It’s like, “Oh my god!” …you know?”

“I never take my shoes off in a car or in a plane. You know we’ll be on long flights, sometimes for 18 hours on a fucking plane. You know, and immediately people get in there and everybody takes their shoes off. Well I don’t. For some reason if the plane crashes under whatever circumstances, if I’m able to be alive, it’d be better if I had my shoes on.”

“Our very first trip to Los Angeles, me and the bass player Michael Ivins, we were driving in a car and our trailer flipped over and it caused us to go into the ditch. We both had taken our shoes off, and I remember there being this sort of weird moment because we had to get out and it was cold & muddy and we’re like, “Fuck! We have to put our shoes on!
I think we thought, ‘Man, we should be more prepared for the hazards of the world. And if we just drive with our shoes on, the next time this happens we’ll be much more prepared’. We were being very pragmatic I suppose. But I still think I have that as a leftover. I don’t ever want to forget that I’m in public and I’m at the mercy of whatever happens to me. But when I’m at home, you know, I kick back.”

“No one ever talks about anything and most people, they dread having to talk about anything having to do with ever having to take a shit or peeing or masturbating or liking something that somebody might think they’re weird for. I’m glad to talk to people who don’t hold back, you know. I’m entertained by it… I wish more people were like that. Because in the end you don’t just end up talking about shit, you end up talking about a lot of things. But you get this feeling, as I do with The Flaming Lips philosophy, that we are not restricted. We’re not restricted by what is made to be the more conservative approach to speaking about our lives. We just say fuck it, hey I’m thinking about this, are you? It’s like “Yeah, why not?”. So I applaud it.

“I think you should do what you like, I suppose that’s what it’s really saying. To me, I just think that some of that goes too far. I mean, I know a number of people who don’t really want to dance *ever*, whether anybody is watching or whether you’re dying or not.”

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