Wayne Coyne Interviewed In Depth by Oklahoma City Mayor Cornett

“I’ve always liked the idea of part of me as a  little bit like Charlie Manson.”

– Wayne Coyne to Oklahoma City’s Mayor Mick Cornett

Wayne Coyne has a way of making every interview amusing… even though he’s repeatedly asked the same basic questions.  So when he recently sat down for The Mayor’s Magazine programme with Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett – nobody’s ever confused Mick with a Pitchfork writer – the result was refreshing (albeit a little dry and slowly paced compared to much music media).  It only took one minute for Wayne to move the interview in a direction most conversations with the mayor presumably don’t go – likening himself to Charlie Manson.  He goes on to talk about growing up in Oklahoma – including his parents migrating to OKC from Pittsburg, and his famous stint working at Long John Silvers – and than the perception of Oklahoma City and The Flaming Lips’ association with its cultural development.  The Mayor, pictured above with Wayne after officiating Flaming Lips Alley, pushes Wayne to follow-up on statements about Long John Silver’s and goes into some of the rarer details of Wayne’s life in OKC over the course of the 17 minute interview for his local TV channel 20 show.

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