J. Michelle Martin-Coyne’s March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons Photos for Spin

“When you do these things in the middle of October, you think, ‘What if it’s too cold or it rains and no one’s going to wanna fucking stand out there!’. But it wasn’t like that. It was a bunch of cool people and a bunch of families and everybody gathered downtown. Oklahoma City looked like a big city.”

– Wayne Coyne, to Spin Photo Gallery, posted November 1, 2010

Spin posted a dozen wonderful pictures by J. Michelle Martin-Coyne from 2010 March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons in their Photo Gallery.  See all of them here or some highlights – with Wayne Coyne’s comments – below:

Wayne Coyne: “We had the fire marshall and his team as our bodyguards of sorts, in case someone got too drunk or out of line. So I was telling the crowd that they were not the enemy, that they were there to help us.”

Wayne Coyne: “I think she was trying to kiss me or something through the bubble. I must do that a hundred times during the parade.”

Wayne Coyne: “I like to think of this from a kid’s perspective: imagine if you were five years old and you saw this. I think by the time you’re 18-years-old, you’re going to think that guy in the bubble is the coolest person you’ve ever fucking known. Long after I’m dead, they’ll talk about what a fantastic thing happened in downtown Oklahoma City — skeletons and fire and this magic guy in a bubble. That’s what kids think! When they grow up, they will still have that magical thinking in them. And magical thinking is what the Flaming Lips are all about.”

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  1. I like how one has the caption ‘Fans experiment with pyro pre-parade.’ when it’s blatantly Kliph, Jake, and one of the other roadies.


    1. If you don’t wear a dressy suit inside a bubble you’re not recognizable!

      (thinking about it some more, even though it was a goof – and funny!- they are right: Kliph and the roadies are first and foremost fans of a the Lips and got involved in them through that fandom)


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