Bestival Recap

The Flaming Lips praise the ‘beautiful freaks’ of Bestival”, New Music Express, Wayne Coyne: “I hope this festival carries on for a hundred years, and that you have us back every couple of years or so”

Bestival ended the British summer festival season this past weekend…

Wayne reminisced about the beginning of the summer at Bonnaroo, telling the full story of the “fat, naked PCP guy” LCD Soundsystem incident:

He also spoke to pressassociation

..and to telegraphtv:

telegraph Bestival review: “There could scarcely have been a better band to headline this year’s “fantasy” themed Bestival than the Flaming Lips. Only the sight of lead singer Wayne Coyne emerging from a giant crotch, before crowd surfing in a man-sized bubble could outdo the thousands of unicorns, Oompa-Loompas and smurfs that gathered to watch him on Saturday night, Bestival’s now-legendary night of fancy dress.

This year Bestival pulled a crowd of 46,000, its highest intake ever and one of the largest of all the boutique festivals. For the Fantasy theme, the rolling hills of Robin Hill Park were speckled with great coloured flags, suspended castles in the sky and glowing treehouses, under which tired ravers gathered for respite on four-poster beds covered in silk cushions. This kind of attention to detail keeps Bestival from spiralling into a sprawling mega festival, although the arena did feel crowded at points…”

“Emmy the Great camped out at Bestival all weekend for WaterAid, grabbing celebs [including Wayne Coyne] to talk to them about the “elephant in the room”, water, sanitation and the Millennium Development Goals” – Moree info at

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