The First Ten Days: Wayne Coyne on Twitter (R n’ R)

This post is the third of three on Wayne Coyne’s first ten days of tweeting.  Read the first here, second here and continue below.  Follow for daily Flaming Lips quotes, news, songs of the day and more… 

“sex, drugs & rock n roll. I think you’ve covered all the bases in Poland. Great work!” PM Aug 7th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to mzmartincoyne  

“Wayne Coyne in his skivies by the beach”


Over the past few days we’ve noted how many of Wayne and co.’s recent tweets have related to sex or drugs (sort of).  Today we complete the trilogy…

R n’ R …or more like M.I.A. … and LCD SS.. and other random …uh, “born to be wild” stuff, like this: I loose @waynecoyne at truckstop in Lisbon I find him here 2:26 AM Aug 5th via Twitter for iPhone


Kate Harper, CHARTattack, “Eight Things We’ve Learned About Wayne Coyne From His Twitter“: ” He’s infinitely cooler than you, and that’s because he can hang out with M.I.A…. Oh, and he can manage to make M.I.A. not seem self-righteous and annoying for once.”

Click here (or to the right of any post on this blog) for the Psych Explorations of the Future Heart Flaming Lips/ M.I.A. page… @waynecoyne is PT Barnum, Salvador Dali, Syd Barrett and Fred Sanford all rolled into one. 10:01 PM Aug 5th via Echofon @waynecoyne with laser hands in Poland last night 6:45 PM Aug 9th via Twitter for iPhone

kv4ce.jpg there’s a (beat up)Harmonic Energizer on eBay right now. That and a Fender Musicmaster bass can get you halfway to Worm Mountain! 2:46 PM Aug 5th via Echofon My first time In Poland and Dinosaur jr are playing tonight. Veddy nice… 11:14 AM Aug 7th via web LCDSoundSystems cool looking keyboard patch center…. 10:43 AM Aug 12th via Twitter for iPhone

9msm.jpg Love the KFOR ladies! Hey, can you tell @tornadopayne I bet I can beat him in Caddyshack trivia? :) 2:57 PM Aug 5th via Echofon Looking for the National Polish Joke Museum. 5:28 AM Aug 7th via Echofon Just now going to bed at 2:00 in the afternoon…gonna see Broken Bells,LCD,and Pavement tonight.. 7:04 AM Aug 12th via Twitter for iPhone Just got into Oslo talked with Dangermouse while he ate lunch 6:35 AM Aug 12th via Twitter for iPhone

// I sure did love drinking my whiskey and hitting the drums. Kinda miss it! 8:50 AM Aug 7th via web in reply to old_hack

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