Bonnaroo 2010 Photo and Tweet Recap

Bonnaroo crowds endure heat for Jay-Z, Conan, ”Whether a festival like Bonnaroo resonates is predicated on what one puts into it, said Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of the Flaming Lips. The band performed a fuzzy, psychedelic version of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” on Saturday. 

“The magic is really in your mind,” said Coyne. “It’s not going to be the greatest show ever _ your life isn’t going to be the greatest show ever. But if you try to make it the greatest show ever, it might be.”

Read more (…plus photos!) here.

Follow for Bonnaroo updates and music news.  Check out Psych Explorations of the Future Heart’s Bonnaroo 2010 “scrapbook” of articles (with even more photos) here, a fan-voted webcast poll here, and video rewinds here, here and here.

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