Do You Realize…Móveis Coloniais de Acaju???

“Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, or simply Moveis, is a ten piece world pop brazilian band with one of today’s best live performance of its country.”

Do you realize a Móveis Coloniais de Acaju of “Do You Realize???” was the most viewed YouTube video relating to The Flaming Lips in March, only surpassed in April by two different uploads of The Lips’ “Powerless’ video.  Considering the amount of fantastic clips of the actual Flaming Lips virtually unnoticed on YouTube and Vimeo (like those  by Goalieman707, recently tweeted by The Flaming Lips themselves) the attention to this video is bizarre (Goalieman’s most recent Mountainside video has been viewed 28 times since being uploaded on March 15; Moveis’ cover has been viewed 5,153 times since March 16). 

Thanks Goalieman707!

The figures for this cover also stands drastically apart from those for other Flaming Lips covers, like these three posted around the same time and watched a combined 83 times:

Even this Scottish Multicoloured Ukulele Troupe fared slightly better than that (106 views)!!

As for those aforementioned “Powerless” uploads… a booted version by sopitascom- posted on YouTube the same day as it premeired on Pitchfork – was one of the most viewed videos by Mexican users in mid-April, and currently has almost twice the views of the version on YouTube officially posted by flaminglips.

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