Weezer Announce Cruise Schedule with Dinosaur Jr., Yuck, Gene Ween, more

Weezer’s Miami to Cozumel Carnival Destiny cruise recently announced its schedule – see below.  Set for January 19-23, 2012, the voyage includes multiple performances from Dinosaur Jr., J. Mascis (solo acoustic), Sebadoh, Lou Barlow (hmmm… this is looking a bit more like a Dinosaur cruise…), Yuck (touche…), Gene Ween and Dave Dreiwitz, Wavves (kings of the beach!), The Antlers, Free Energy (but of course!) and more. 

According to a recent e-mail from Weezer, the band will perform “in an intimate indoor venue, along with a special Sail Away concert out on the pool deck” and all travelers will “get to have a photo taken with the band, and attend an exclusive Weezer Q&A”.  Asside from playing both “Blue Album” and Pinkerton in their entireties, Weezer will rock signature songs and rarities.  They’ve specifically cited “Tragic Girl,” “Mykel and Carli” and tunes TBA chosen from polling booked guests.  A newly introduced 4-pack package is priced at $499 per person ($299 up front).  Check out theweezercruise.com/FAQ (or call 1-877-379-9171) for more info.

Here’s the schedule:

Weezer set sails to “Blue Album” and hits; Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr cap off day 1

the weezer cruise

Pinkerton day – full album performance, plus b-sides, Rivers’ “Pinkerton Diaries” book reading… and bingo!


 the weezer cruise

Surf wax day in Cozumel, Wavves’ beach ditties and Pinkerton rerun…

the weezer cruise

Lots of Yuck… and shuffleboard with Pat…

the weezer cruise

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