Roadie Reality: On the Road with The Flaming Lips… including Portland’s Strobo Debut

In September 2011 The Flaming Lips’ design and film visual artist George Salisbury went on the road with The Flaming Lips and DeLo Creative, his Oklahoma City “visual generalist” collective.  The Lips played seven shows between September 13th and 21st – with stops along the way to unveil the band’s newest music and device, The Strobo Trip Toy at Portland’s Jackpot Records and Seattle’s Sonic Boom Records.  George and his DeLo crew filmed it all. 


Although little has been revealed about the new mini-documentary, here’s what is known:

  • it’s called Roadie Reality
  • it has its own twitter account @RoadieReality
  • George describes it as “this project we want to bring to life and we’re looking for an agent to help us. Give me a call if you’re interested”
  • a preview trailer was edited for DELO #00651 and uploaded at youtube/delocreative on October 12th….

Follow the latest updates at twitter/FutureHeartDay, facebook/TheFutureHeart and  Below is a tweet-by-tweet sequence of how the Road Reality project unfolded, including the Portland Strobo sale:!/RoadieReality/status/114441721827426304!/RoadieReality/status/116658456089460736!/RoadieReality/status/116927840318001152

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