“Globelampgate” – Page Three

This is the third of three pages (revised September 25th). The first page presents backstory and outlines accusations made since 2014 against the psych bedroom glam band Foxygen, specifically Sam France, by his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth le Fey, also a former touring member of the group. It does not involve Sean Lennon at all, but is necessary to understand the context from which le Fey recently solicited Lennon and their subsequent interactions, including his defense of what he says are her “slander and lies” against him. In the past two weeks the back and forth between le Fey and Lennon has spiraled across scads of tweets, Tumblr posts, Instagrams and Insta comments. For easier reading these have been collected on page two. In response to this very public disagreement countless social media users have criticized, attacked, praised and debated Lennon. An overview of his responses follows below.

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The very public social media argument between Sean Lennon and Elizabeth le Fey published on page 2 of this article attracted countless criticism and debate from twitter and Instagram users. Numerous tweets stating Sean’s belief that “we have to treat both genders equally and not side with one w out evidence” were challenged by detractors. His tweet “The term ‘mansplaining,’ is sexist” went viral and was met with opposing opinion pieces on MTV.com, Jezebel, Someecards, Fusion, The Daily Dot, New York Magazine’s The Cut and other websites. Also courting controversy Sean wrote, “I know that if Jimi Hendrix had slapped his GF boycotting all Woodstock would be ridiculous!” – a tweet erroneously claimed by various tweeters to have been subsequently deleted (and yet another example of how pervasive it is for web publications to copy from other sites without conducting their own fact checks: mtv.comnymag.comnylon.com and others all asserted Sean deleted this tweet, without taking the five seconds necessary to enter the quote into twitter search and see it wasn’t).

Lennon’s replies clarify his statements and bring several revealing insights to his position (ie Camille Paglia is his “hero,” what Yoko thinks of all this, much more). The tweets collected below are only a sampling (click them to see the full conversations on twitter):