Wayne Coyne’s Pink Floyd and Soundtrack Picks

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Wayne Coyne backstage before Seattle show, September 27, 2010, via his twitter – “Jamming Interstellar Overdrive in the stairwell at the Paramount in Seattle (click to see/ hear)

At the core of Wayne Coyne’s Life in Music Month was the week we looked at his favorite Floyd tracks, which – as it happens – are related to his favorite soundtracks… and explain quite a bit about the Flaming Lips’ music (and more of their movie, Christmas on Mars)…

Flaming Lips.jpg

Set The Controls For The Heart of the Sun

Wayne Coyne: “You don’t even need to hear the song when it has that title, because it’s such an amazing stringing of words conjuring the idea of a suicidal alien on a doomed trajectory.  The lyrics mix Eastern philosophy and existentialism, joy and despair.” p70, Q (magazine) #290 September 2010


Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Wayne Coyne: “It’s another great title. Think of the imagery that it conjures up.”

KQED San Francisco, April 29, 1970:

Saint Tropez, France, August 8, 1970:

Earl’s Court, May 18, 1973:


Wayne Coyne: “There are bits of this that go on in all different directions but there’s a funkiness to it.  A lot of groups don’t have the restraint to jam for 25 minutes… but Pink Floyd never lose that air of English restraint.” p70, Q (magazine) #290 September 2010

It’s rumoured that Stanley Kubrick wanted Pink Floyd to score 2001: A Space Odyssey, and that “Echoes” was recorded to synch to the final 24 minutes of the film – but the group pulled out after dissatisfaction with a previous soundtrack they worked on…

2001: A Space Odyssey Original Soundtrack

Wayne Coyne: “There’s something intrinsic about Stanley Kubrick, that movie, that time in my life.  I remember watching it on TV and going, “Oh my God, by the year 2000 aliens are gonna come down and we’ll all be living in outer space …”

“Thus Spoke Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss in 2001: A Space Odyssey opening sequence

A Saucerful of Secrets

Wayne Coyne: “…a big, open-ended jam with blurry edges.  Nick Mason is the star: his drumming is never a very technical thing… He claims he ended up playing drums because he picked the short straw.” p70, Q (magazine) #290 September 2010

The version of “Secrets” recorded at Pompeii had obvious influence on Wayne.  Check out the bottom of this page to see for yourself…

Interstellar Overdrive

Pink Floyd at the UFO Club, and Paul McCartney commentary…

Rome International Festival May 6, 1968:

BBC December 2, 1968:

BBC July 10, 1969:

Did Frank Zappa really play with Pink Floyd (at Begium’s Actuel Festival in 1969)? Here’s what Zappa says: 

It sure sounds like he did, and either way, this rocks! 

Wish You Were Here

Wayne Coyne: “Some of the lyrics in this song are stunning.  Whether they were pointed towards Syd or just toward someone in your life that you’re longing for, it’s just an amazing thing to say.” p70, Q (magazine) #290 September 2010

…so, what’s Wayne’s favorite soundtrack?

Planet Of The Apes, 1968 by Jerry Goldsmith

Wayne Coyne: “A landmark recording, and one that influenced the soundtrack to Christmas on Mars.  Oddly, I don’t think the music is used very well in the movie… It’s dense, cleverly written, sometime atonal and shronky, and I still don’t know what some of the sounds are.  That’s what I love about it.” p15, Uncut #160, September 2010

“I don’t think many girls are going to be dancing to it if you put it on at your house.” p15, Uncut #160, September 2010

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