Cate Le Bon’s Dream Tour – CYRK American 2012 Schedule!/CateLeBon/status/172903441629315073

Cate Le Bon’s American tour began with a free in-store performance at New York’s Other Music on Monday, February 6th at 8pm.  Two nights later she kicked-off the full concerts with her full band – the dream team!/CateLeBon/status/166014505145470976

The tour ran through a free show on February 27th and that morning she played a set for kcrw – click here to stream.

I was personally at the two New York shows and both were fantastic – for opposite reasons.  The solo set was an intimate gathering and a great opportunity to hear the multi-layered songs of CYRK stripped to just Cate’s singing and a few simple guitars chords.  In this setting the strength of her melodies was even more noticeable than usual.  What wonderfully-written songs!

The show at Mercury Lounge by contrast was pure rock and roll.  Perhaps feeling more confident with her full band behind her, or just rowdy to be in a dark NYC club, Cate’s stage presence was completely different.  She swayed her body like some sort of musical mystic as she rocked out blistering guitar solos.  Cate was funny too – and clearly having fun.  More commentary is on the way, plus I video recorded both shows in full and will upload them one of these days.  In the meantime, make sure to catch Cate on tour if she’s in your neck of the country.

Both BrooklynVegan/Chicago and are giving away tickets to the Valentine’s day show at Schubas with fellow Future Heart favs Talkdemonic.  Likewise, enter to win a pair of tickets to the Crocodile February 22nd show by e-mailing your first and last name to with Cate Le Bon in the subject line. Tickets are also on sale here.!/CateLeBon/status/163397574659817473

Cate Le Bon 2012 Tour Dates
Feb 6 – Other Music (solo instore)- New York, NY
Feb 8 – TT The Bear’s Place – Cambridge, MA
Feb 9 – Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
Feb 10 – Maxwell’s – Hoboken, NJ
Feb 11 – KungFu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
Feb 12 – DC9 – Washington, D.C.
Feb 14 – Schubas – Chicago, IL
Feb 16 – The Frequency – Madison, WI
Feb 17 – 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis, MN
Feb 22 – The Crocodile – Seattle, WA
Feb 23 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
Feb 26 – McCabe’s Guitar Shop – Santa Monica, CA
Feb 27 – Bardot Hollywood – Los Angeles, CA!/FutureHeartDay/status/162574881588908033!/CateLeBon/status/161941170723880960!/MTVMusicMeter/status/162250378170208256!/CateLeBon/status/164492509198823424!/CateLeBon/status/165443672119316480!/Eclectic24/status/167409305614688256!/KliphScurlock/status/157302591200559104!/CateLeBon/status/167379042889240578!/CateLeBon/status/166784117965467649!/HAZEmagazine/status/167433824677011456!/H_HAWKLINE/status/166922046280957953!/H_HAWKLINE/status/166923479554342913!/CateLeBon/status/167899743844974593!/KliphScurlock/status/168199790620979200!/TheLMagazine/status/168054302382891008!/CateLeBon/status/168117825968410624!/CateLeBon/status/168890396263452672!/CateLeBon/status/168893206459727873!/CateLeBon/status/173429626490720256!/CateLeBon/status/173840410492420096!/CateLeBon/status/174029706964901888!/CateLeBon/status/174046002515427329!/CateLeBon/status/174179985811193856

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