The World of The Flaming Lips Volume 1: All We Have is Now

The Flaming Lips new photobook of pictures by Michelle Martin-Coyne, The World of The Flaming Lips Volume 1: All We Have is Now “is here! Limited edition paperback book featuring exclusive photographs taken by J. Michelle Martin-Coyne on tour with The Flaming Lips. Photos feature events such as the annual Halloween March of 1000 Flaming Skeletons, the St Gallen Festival in Zurich, Earth Day concert in Washington DC, the 2009 New Years Eve Concert in Oklahoma City, and many more!

Michelle is a wonderful photographer who can be seen at most Flaming Lips concerts – in some fabulous costume – snapping away at her husband and his bandmates.  She also has the female lead (i.e. the only woman) in Christmas on Mars, several of their music videos – notably “She Don’t Use Jelly” and “The Sparrow Look Up at the Machine” – and is the woman behind most of the best-known – and best – Flaming Lips photos (used in album artwork, press pictures copied around the web and in magazines, The Flaming Lips’ previous photo book, misc promotional images, etc).  Check out more from Michelle at this website.

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