Watch Austin City Limits 2011: Fleet Foxes, Foster the People, Arcade Fire, Iron and Wine, Mariachi El Bronx, My Morning Jacket, Smith Westerns more

act.mtv“With the Do Good Bus in tow on tour, [Foster the People] leave a trail of goodness wherever they go (kind of like Hansel and Gretel if breadcrumbs were community service).”

billboard: “Fueled by their hit “Pumped Up Kicks,” Foster the People created a frenzy over at the ill-positioned Google+ stage. The crowd was so massive that, not only were attendees smushed up against porta-potties (and all the way over to the flea market area) just to catch a glimpse of the L.A. indie-pop act, but from the middle-back of the crowd, it was difficult to even discern that the set started. Escaping was one of the more hellish experiences of the day.”

spin: Most Pleasant Slice of Psychedelia: Smith Westerns”

Smith Westerns’ brand of ’70s glam-infused indie pop came alive during their Friday set, with the Chicago band finding plenty of room for psychedelic asides within their midday slot. The three-guitar setup allowed for some high-speed shredding and outright jamming, which delighted those who like to hear great musicians play great music. “Weekend,” which plays like a breezy pop ditty on the band’s second full-length Dye It Blonde, shot out louder and heavier as it capped a performance in which the band explored its spacier side to great effect. They walked off the stage 20 minutes before their slot was scheduled to end, but if you’re closing on a high note like that, why not drop the mic when you’re ahead?”

Smith Westerns September 16th Setlist
Imagine Pt. 3
Fallen in Love
Only One
End of the Night
Be My Girl
Still New
All Die Young
Gimme Some Time
Smile Play
Dye the World!/FutureHeartDay/status/115618298745458688

Iron and Wine  September 17th Setlist

Rabbit Will Run
Wolves (Song of the Shepherd’s Dog)
Lovesong of the Buzzard
Me and Lazarus
Boy With a Coin
Tree by the River
Walking Far From Home
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough for Me!/FutureHeartDay/status/115598678441472000

Dallas Observer: “Last Night at ACL: My Morning Jacket Got a Little Weird, But Still Rocked

Is My Morning Jacket the best live band on the planet? In the universe? They sounded like it on Saturday night at Austin City Limits Music Festival as they played an abbreviated set at the AMD stage.

The set was a far cry from Friday’s headlining performance from Coldplay, who spent most of the night pandering to the audience. It was clear that My Morning Jacket, for the most part, did the set that they wanted to do. Either that, or they have the innate ability to perform songs thousands of times and make them sound like they were written yesterday… James, who appears to be getting weirder with each new album, started the song with a mouth trumpet. On “Circuital,” he spanned the stage during the instrumental portions of the song. In fact, James was rarely near his microphone when he wasn’t singing. He flailed wildly, took guitar solos while sprinting and sliding around the stage on his knees, and whipped his hair around like a speed metal guitarist… Several times, he stood at the front of the stage and rapidly kicked the air, as if fending off several thousand imaginary ninjas. At another point during a song break in “Magheeta,” he did a full-blown Karate Kid crane kick… “Goddamn, you guys make me feel like flying!” he told the crowd between songs, just before playing the harmonium with his face on “Touch Me, I’m Going To Scream Part 2″… And what made it even more impressive was when the band was joined by New Orleans’ Preservation Hall Jazz Band for “Holdin’ On to Black Metal”… Preservation Hall stuck around for the remainder of the set, which ended explosively with “One Big Holiday,” a song meant to be played in front of a massive, energetic festival crowd.”

MMJ Setlist:

Victory Dance
Off the Record 
I’m Amazed 
Out of My System 
Smokin’ From Shootin’
Touch Me, I’m Going To Scream Part 2
Wordless Chorus 
Holdin’ On to Black Metal 
One Big Holiday 

spin: “Best Performance in an Iffy Timeslot: My Morning Jacket

It’s pretty hard to complain about being selected as a headliner for a major American music festival, but if you’re a rising middleweight band like My Morning Jacket, being scheduled opposite a bonafide once-in-a-lifetime legend like Stevie Wonder is a tall order. That said, they sounded 100% arena-ready.

Frontman Jim James’ reverb-drenched voice filled the park. On opener “Victory Dance,” he ended the song with his back to the audience, belting out a preternatural howl, then led the crowd into a clap-along version of “Circuital.” The Louisville, Kentucky, band continued on from there, making it clear that they absolutely belonged on that stage, in that time slot, on that night. From the impassioned opening to the final three songs — which had Preservation Hall Jazz Band jamming alongside them — My Morning Jacket nailed it.”!/FutureHeartDay/status/115624664910401538

heyreverb: “Touring companions Fleet Foxes and the Walkmen played some of the best sets of the day from opposing main stages. The Walkmen, decked in their usual Sunday best, played an hour-long set rife with new material and choice cuts from last year’s “Lisbon.” Strong versions of “Juveniles” and “In The New Year” highlighted the performance, as did the new fast-rocking “Radio City.” Fleet Foxes were the final act on the Bud Light stage before Arcade Fire, and the Seattle sextet had no problem filling the role. Pastoral folk songs “Bedouin Dress,” “Mykonos” and “English House” sailed across the better half of Zilker Park, as did sing-alongs “White Winter Hymnal” and “Ragged Wood.”

Arcade Fire’s first four songs from their Austin City Limits 2011 headlining, closing night set: “Ready to Start”, “Keep the Car Running”, “No Cars Go” and “Haiti”. Watch here:!/FutureHeartDay/status/115624066878148609

Also check out Broken Social Scene at ACL ’11 covering Modest Mouse.  More official videos – Bright Eyes, Ray LaMontagne, Young the Giant, City and Color, The Head and The Heart, Antlers, Delta Spirit, others –  at youtubeaclfestival.

Watch highlights from ACL 2010 days 1 and 2 here, and expansive recap of day 3 here

The full story on the Flaming Lips Austin City Limits poster printed with Wayne Coyne’s blood is here.

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