“Why can’t people be more like rainbows?”

At the end of “Evil Is But A Show” during opening night of Miley Cyrus’ Milky Milky Milk tour with The Flaming Lips at Chicago’s Riviera Theatre, Miley spoke held up a gay pride flag and asked the crowd, “You know what I love most about this flag? It’s not only what the flag itself represents – and I see a bunch of the Happy Hippie shirts out there and that makes me fuckin’ more stoked than anything. I mean, I like to come out here dressed as a unicorn but I really care the most about Happy Hippie. We’re just teaching people to stop being so fucking serious about what everyone else is fucking doing. And do good work, do good hard work, love your family, treat your friends and family with respect, treat all living things with respect. And besides the fact that this flag is rainbow – which is why I really love it – look at all these fucking colors just getting along, and how beautiful that they all look all together and what they can represent.”

Miley followed her ab-libbed speech by leading the crowd in a chant, repeating “Why can’t people be more like rainbows?” over an improv jam by The Lips. Watch below:

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