Womb Reopens With Veks Exhibit Tonight

Originally opened in 2011, The Womb is a psychedelic art gallery in Oklahoma City owned and operated by The Flaming Lips (mainly Wayne Coyne) with Jake Harms (aka the band’s “Animal Wrangler” 2005-2011). Since closing at the end of that year for safety renovations, Delo Creative (the team of “visualists” that create videos and images for the Lips and others) has moved into the basement and Dwelling Spaces opened a second store location along the gallery’s side (as explained late last year in this video update). An 18 foot by 18 foot painting by Damien Hirst and Wayne was also installed, onto its ceiling.
Now the time has finally come to bring artists back to the gallery, starting with a San Francisco Bay Area artist going under the pseudonym VEKS.  “I’m Not Bad I’m Just Drawn That Way” opens August 9th, along with a new room designed by Coyne for viewing with 3-D glasses – in which guests are invited to write or draw on the walls.

We were just not coded properly for safety reasons, but now have taken care of everything from the sprinklers to fire exits,” said Harms told NewsOK. “The building has been inspected and is now up to code….People who enjoy the freakier things in life will totally love it and will definitely enjoy the sho” Jake goes on to describe VEKS” “He’s originally a tagger but does fine art as well. The tagging is where I see the Picasso influence, as well, and he brings a lot to the street art community.”

Future gallery exhibitions are being scheduled, including a showing of work by artist Michelle Romo.  “The way Wayne described it is, [the Womb] is going to be a place for people to come and freak out in,” Dwelling Spaces owner Mary Beth Babcock told hyperallergic.com at the start of this year.  Tonight it continues . . .


Update Check out some photos from opening night here, here, here and here.

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