Watch Wayne Coyne Read “The Sun Is Sick” and other updates on Flaming Lips Comics – “Captain Yeah” Chapter 5 Out Now

It seems 2013 is the year of The Flaming Lips comic.
page 22
Since January artist Andrew Pawley has been drawing Captain Yeah! and The Children of the Moon, an original comic series based on the Flaming Lips lyrics.  New chapters have been published exclusively by The Future Heart every few weeks this year.  Today we add chapter 5.  Look for the next chapter within the next few weeks.

UPDATE August 31The entire first book is here.

But that’s just the tip of recent Lips comic news. OKC store Dwelling Spaces has a surprise for sale today:
the first 30 copies of Wayne Coyne’s new comic book, “The Sun Is Sick.”

The Sun Is Sick began as The Purr Jinky Effect.  Since last year fans have been following the development of the comic book – Coyne’s first – via tweeted photos like the one to the left.  After announcing the book’s completion this May the publication has been highly anticipated.  A sequel is now in the works.  Watch Wayne read a draft of “The Perjinky Effect” in the below video:

UPDATE – July 9th
Dwelling Spaces’ initial The Sun Is Sick stock made available shortly before closing yesterday quickly sold out, but earlier this afternoon Wayne dropped off another 100 copies, each autographed.  In total, 2500 copies have been printed – 50 of which are currently selling online at here.

Since last summer Lauren Young Smith has also been creating a Flaming Lips comic due out soon, Moth in the Incubator.  You may have seen Wayne tweet some pages by her (aka @squidsquids aka @laurenyes).  Check out her artwork at

Also this year The Lips were name dropped in the popular nationally syndicated newspaper funny Zits and Huffington Post published a comic strip by Pablo Stanley set to the lyrics of “Do You Realize???” Pablo has previously created comics based on the Beatles’ “Yesterday” and Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Below feast your eyes out with a sampling of all of these cosmic comics:

Captain Yeah

Chapter 1 page 1

page 20

The Sun Is Sick

Moth in the Incubator



Huffington Post – “Do You Realize???”

pablo stanley flaming lips comic


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