Marc Maron Podcast #276 – Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne!/theflaminglips/status/198035448218664964 “Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips sits down with Marc in the birthplace of the Lips, Oklahoma City. Marc and Wayne share their similar fears of flying, half-remembered acid trip stories and encounters with creative inspiration.”

Marc Maron’s comedy albums:

  • Not Sold Out (2002)
  • Tickets Still Available (2006)
  • Final Engagement (2009)
  • This Has to Be Funny (2011)!/marcmaron/status/169159075064582144!/waynecoyne/status/169208241706901504!/waynecoyne/status/170920969093914625!/waynecoyne/status/171026865316835329!/marcmaron/statuses/171025743097241601!/marcmaron/status/171027270906032128!/marcmaron/status/171032608464056320!/waynecoyne/status/171110934457221120!/wtfpod/status/187172367699685378!/marcmaron/status/189575170472673280!/marcmaron/status/196670475395538944!/marcmaron/status/196693656424546305!/marcmaron/status/197771247508135938!/marcmaron/status/198040983240310784

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