Buy The New Flaming Lips/Prefuse 73 EP – UPDATED June 14th

Guestroom News May 25thThe Flaming Lips have supported Guestroom since we started selling music many years ago. We’ve always admired their ability to innovate and try new things.  This year they have been releasing a series of EPs, most of which are collaborations with other progressive musicians.

This week we received a big ol’ bunch of the latest in this series, a split 12” with guests, Prefuse 73. These are all unique colored vinyl and pretty limited.  As per the band’s request, we are limiting sales to in-store only and asking that you only purchase one per customer. Thanks for your understanding with the restrictions.”

More Flaming Lips/ Prefuse 73 EP related videos coming soon! Subscribe to youtube/psychexfutureheart and follow twitter/FutureHeartDay for music news, songs of the day, quotes, Flaming Lips updates and more…

Guestroom’s facebook May 23rd “Prefuse 73 12″ in the OKC store right now! Amazing swirled colored vinyl, each one unique. We’re the only place in the world that you can get them, they’ll be in the Norman store tomorrow. Local sales only, no mailorder yet, one per customer. Look at that vinyl”

And while you’re at it, pick up Prefuse 73’s latest, The Only She Chapter, released April 26th….

“We’re always sort of recording, even though we may be out playing.  It isn’t as though we’re always on the run, because we don’t play that many shows. But it’s just a continual thing. And sometimes the very time we’re playing shows is the very time we’re trying to master and put a couple of things together. … We’re putting out this music so quickly. So, the stuff we’re going to record today, will really be out in a couple of weeks.”

More info coming soon, follow twitter/FutureHeartDay


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