Here’s Where To Buy The New Flaming Lips/ Neon Indian EP

UPDATE – April 26th: Though most of the stores listed in this post sold out their limited-stocked Flaming Lips March 2011 EP (with Neon Indian) weeks ago, Salt Lake City’s Slow Train Music still has copies as of tonight.  But you better hurry if you want one…

Click on the map below to link to (where you can zoom in, get directions, search nearby etc):

(Thanks to surfingelectrode for creating this map!!)

On March 23rd The Flaming Lips’ dropped off the new 12 inch vinyl EP they made with Neon Indian at their local record store, Norman, Oklahoma’s Guestroom.  The next night Wayne Coyne drove to Dallas, Texas to personally deliver additional copies to Good Records. (More about here). 

This was awesome, not just because it was a special item – colored vinyl, each copy a different hue, each picked by Wayne Coyne – but also because Wayne Coyne hung out with everybody who showed up to the store ’til after midnight, signing copies, chit-chatting and whatnot.

This was not awesome because, lots of Flaming Lips and/or Neon Indian fans don’t live anywhere near Oklahoma City or Dallas.

What ever is a fan to do…

Well for starters, fans could listen to the entire EP (check the videos embedded below if you haven’t already) via online streams that quickly spread via music/entertainment news sites (such as consequenceofsoundmusic-mix.ew, guardian, paste and spin). 

But that’s not enough.  This after all is a special item.  It’s not just about hearing it… it’s about holding it, watching the psychedelic colors swirl around your turntable and being born again into a retro-future-dream-world as “Alan’s Theremin” washes over you.  This isn’t mere background music as you surf the web.  It’s about being lost in an undefinable space between your record players’ speakers and realizing: suddenly everything has changed… 

Some people took to eBay where it quickly started selling for exploited prices.  But there’s no need for that: it will increasingly be stocked at more record stores.

So where can one buy this elusive – some might even say magical (or at least rare) – record?

This week look for it to become available at the following locations (also on the map above):

End of An Ear Records – Austin, TX, LUNA Music – Indianapolis, IN, Electric Fetus – Minneapolis, MN, Origami Vinyl – Los Angeles, CA, Other Music – New York, NY, Dwelling Spaces – Tulsa, OK, UK, Grimey’s – Nashville, TN ..also (not on the map above) Rough Trade Shop in London.

Follow these stores on twitter and at their websites:

@Guestroom Norman/Oklahoma City, OK
@WaterlooRecords Austin, TX
@LUNAmusic Indianapolis
@efetusmpls Minneapolis, MN
@OrigamiVinyl Echo Park, CA
@DwellingSpaces Tulsa, OK
@Grimeys Nashville, TN
@othermusic 15 East 4th Street NYC

Follow for the latest updates from all of the above and every thing Flaming Lips…


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