Flaming Lips to Kick-Off Asian Tour in Singapore

“If we don’t get diarrhea it will be the greatest thing ever.”

-Wayne Coyne on the Flaming Lips kicking off their upcoming Asian tour in Singapore (listen in video below)

With the exception of an Aspen, Colorado show on December 27th and a recently announced New Year’s Eve shows (featuring Stardeath and White Dwarfs, plus The Soft Bulletin live at midnight; click here for ticket info and secret pre-password), The Flaming Lips concluded their 2010 American touring on October 16th in Florida… and what a year its been!

The Lips only other scheduled shows this year are a mini-tour through Asia in mid-November that promises to be an exciting new experience for the band and those audiences… if they keep their bowels in check.

November 11th – Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino – Singapore, Malaysia
November 13th – Asia World Expo – Hong Kong, China
November 15th – Namba Hatch – Osaka, Japan
November 17th – Zepp – Tokyo, Japan
November 20th – Ax-Korea – Seoul, Korea

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