The Observer- Part 2

September 14

Weezer release yet another album with another tacky cover: Hurley (not waiting long enough for the horrid after-taste of last year’s Ratitude to wear off???).  Almost everybody (including Weezer) seems more excited about the upcoming “Blinkerton” tour in November hitting each city two nights.  Rivers Cuomo explained the plan to MTV: “the first night, we play the entire ‘Blue’ album, and the second night, we play the entirety of ‘Pinkerton.”  Tieing into this Memories Tour – a 2 CD deluxe re-issue of Pinkerton due November 2.

September 15

Dr. Dog’s video for “Shadow People” (often said to sound like a Flaming Lips song decide for yourself) posted on YouTube.

The Flaming Lips/ Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti fall tour begins in St. Louis, to wind its way to Oakland’s Fox Theater on October 1.  Steven Drozd uses twitter to continually confess how much of a fanboy he is for his supporting band.  [UPDATE: Wayne Coyne also shot/ directed a video for Ariel Pink’s “Round & Round” while on this tour.  Watch it on vimeo.]

September 18

Among the notable posts remembering the 40th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s passing: NPR’s Send My Love To Linda: An Untold Jimi Hendrix Story, Spinner’s Jimi Hendrix: The Man Who Heard Everything by Brad Schreiber, author  new book ‘Becoming Jimi Hendrix’ Ever wonder what was Jimi like as a kid?

It’s also the 20th anniversary of Flaming Lips’ underground classic LP, In a Priest Driven Ambulance.  Check it out.  The following day (the 19th) is the 15th anniversary of Lip’s cult classic Clouds Taste Metallic.

September 20

Animal Collective drops a psych-tastic video for Merriweather Post Pavilion’s “Bluish.”  For best veiwing, visit  The video comes a week after word spread the band was working on a foot apparel for the Keep shoe line (sign up for more info here:  Be on the lookout for two music releases out soon while you’re waiting for the kicks: Panda Bear’s “You Can Count on Me” b/w “Alsatian Darn” 7” and Avey Tare’s Down There. 

A Roger Daltrey interview posted on the band’s website reveals plans for a 2011 tour, “I would like to be on the road playing as many different kind of shows as we could: maybe doing Quadrophenia one night, do greatest hits the next night … this is what I would like to do. And Tommy…if I could still sing Tommy.”

September 24

Five words: “See the Leaves” music video

September 25

Did the CIA develop Facebook and Google? MIA seems to think so.  Check out her new video.

September 26 “San Diego tonight….RIMAC ARENA. Last night of the USA Doolittle Tour. Thanks to all the amazing crowds.”

September 28

A rumour of MGMT being pelted with a bottle of urine at a gig spreads across the web ( “Just got an email to Subject: I threw the piss. Text: It was me. From: Dan Deacon”), only to be squashed later in the day.

Read MGMT’s urine-denying e-mail to Pitchfork and check out more news at

  • watch: The Flaming Lips’ “See The Leaves” plus other new music videos by Dr Dog, Mogwai, Warpaint, Midlake, Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Of Montreal, OK Go, Boredoms, Cee-lo Green, Neil Young… and of course Susan Boyle (directed by Lou Reed)…
  • hear new music from Olivia Tremor Control, Belle and Sebastian, Crocodiles, British Sea Power, The Orb with David Gilmore, Brian Eno, Elf Power, Go Team, Avery Tare, Stereolab, Bob Dylan, Black Mountain, Cymbals Eat Guitars,  Corin Tucker, Women, The Yellowbirds and others
  • plus see Pavement reunion live in Williamsburg, Pixies instantly historic 33 songs tribute in Chile, Buffalo Springfield reunion at Bridge School benefit, My Morning Jacket’s residency at Terminal 5, MMJ, Mavis Staples (with Jeff Tweedy) and Gorillaz on Letterman and more
  • free (and legal) download: No Age and Freelance Whales singles, and a live Radiohead DVD
  • stream: Deerhunter at 9:30 club, Sonic Youth and others live from ATP NY 2010 – complete sets
  • Are the living members of Pink Floyd going to reunite?  Is Radiohead’s next album almost done?  Will The Who tour Tommy and Quadrophenia next year?  What’s on Beck’s newest website? Does Jack White ever sleep? The Shins have a ballet?!? Did MGMT really have a bottle of urine thrown at them onstage? Do Weezer suck? Can you beat Mick Jagger in monopoly?

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Click Here for October news from The Pixies, Avery Tare, Weezer, Bob Dylan, MGMT, My Morning Jacket the SmokeOut festival, Phish, Go Team and more… Is Pink Floyd getting back together? Is Moe Tucker (Velvet Underground drummer) part of the Tea Party movement?

Click Here to see The Flaming Lips’ “See The Leaves” music video and review early fall 2010 news from Pavement, MGMT, Brian Eno, The Shins, Phish, Belle and Sebastian and more….

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Click Here for late summer news (Wilco, Deerhunter, Apples in Stereo, Midlake, No Age, The Boredoms, Interpol, Yoko Ono, Bumbershoot) and to download a Radiohead live DVD and/or Sonic Youth’s complete sets from ATP NY ’10… 

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