The Late Show with Flaming Lips

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“I’m bugging Karen O…to see if she’ll play… David Letterman with us… she says, “duly noted’”

-Wayne Coyne to BBC 6 Music circa the last week of June 2010, posted July 13, 2010

“Wow, how ’bout these guys, huh? It’s like my lips are on fire!”

-David Letterman, July 28, 2010

Karen O was a no show… but we did get a stunning, pristine (albeit shortened) “See The Leaves” for the Lips’ Letterman collection:

The Lips’ Letterman performances stand-apart from those for other TV shows.  Paul Shaffer sometimes joins them, and both the musical arrangements and visual presentation are kept raw.  Case in point – “Do You Realize???” was performed on every other TV program with dancing animals, confetti galore and heavy (prerecorded) backing tracks… but on Letterman Steven’s almost-punky guitar strumming and Kliph’s drum pounding is in your (most beautiful) face.  Do you realize this “Realize” is one of a kind???

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