Bonnaroo Video Round-Up

Fuse’s “Live From Bonnaroo 2010” airs tonight at 7 and 11 PM – after a Bonnaroo countdown at 5 PM (double check your local listings)… but you can watch all the highlights of this year’s ‘Roo right here, right now.  Below is an updated version of a video round-up (originally posted on Bonnaroo Saturday – June 12) of the first two days/ nights.  Sequels were posted on Sunday and in the days following Bonnaroo, More Videos From Bonnaroo and Even More Videos From Bonnaroo (click links for way more videos).

Follow for the latest updates on our ongoing Bonnaroo recap.

Psych Explorations of the Future Heart is an upcoming publication about life, rock n’ roll and The Flaming Lips for links to additional videos and much more.


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