Stately Wayne Manor

Last April, the ceiling fan company “Big Ass Fans” posted a video on YouTube (above) of Wayne’s recent addition to his house… a big ass fan.   There had been various earlier peeks into Wayne’s home through the years (assorted pictures in magazines and the like, some scenes in The Fearless Freaks, the October 9, 2008 “garden” section feature in The New York Times) but never showing so much as a January 2009 video tour of stately Wayne manor – in all its imaginatively designed glory – and the above video, both of which went relatively unnoticed at the time. 

The fan is also shown the Wayne Coyne episode of MTV Cribs.  Among other highlights in Coyne’s home on the episode: his dog Dazey on a couch (that looks like her) next to (Wayne’s wife) Michelle, a uterus on the kitchen counter, a skeleton cookie jar, in Wayne’s words- “robotic, giant spider” kitchen lights, a fetus in the fridge, the morning yoga room, a “magical, psychedelic Christmas forest” and a “futuristic, hotel-room-from-Anartica bedroom” with a spinning fireplace and mosaic grouted with tints of Michelle’s blood.  

Read more, and see when to catch Wayne Coyne on MTV Cribs, here.

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