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UPDATE 9/16/11 – Supposedly Clouds Taste Metallic has been re-pressed and will be sent out to all those that had a problem.  In an e-mail today customers were alerted: “Thank you for ordering The Flaming Lips, “Heady Nuggs” boxset. We appreciated how patient you have been with resolving the issues that have arose.

Please be advised that we have pressed a very limited run of replacement vinyl of “Clouds Taste Metallic” for the few of you that have reported pressing defects. Since these are pressed in Europe, delivery time has taken longer than anticipated but we are happy to report they will be at our warehouse any day now.”

Thanks to all that signed the petition.  Apparently it worked!

Original post:

After waiting months for a response from the band, Warner Brothers or other related parties regarding defective vinyl reissues, fans have put together a petition.

Even if you don’t have problems, you can sign this petition to help others… and share it on facebook and other social networking sites to help spread the word to those who might be effected: “The high regard with which The Flaming Lips treat their fans is one of the reasons many of us love the band. We are therefore not just upset, but surprised that the group, their management or Warner Brothers have not officially addressed the widespread troubles we have experienced with the Heady Nuggs vinyl box set. After four months of waiting for some sort of action, or at least official acknowledgement of the problem, we are hereby creating this petition.

Fans have reported various problems, among them, warped labels and receiving black copies of individual records in colored sets. But by far the most common complaint is defective “Clouds Taste Metallic” and “Transmissions from the Satellite Heart” records. Though the problems are not completely consistent (some report both LPs are flawed, others just one, or just one side of either/ both), the dialogue among fans seems to suggest a very high percentage of customers, perhaps even all, were affected by defects in some way. Both Warner Brothers and the band were made aware of this issue months ago and the defects are widely known among fans. In fact, the two top results in a Google search of “heady nuggs clouds” (and variations thereof) are sites discussing – not the wonderful music it contains but – the defects.  With input from dozens of the people who spent $125 dollars on the set (only to be disappointed), their comments read along these lines: “my colored vinyl has horrible static,” “I’ve been in touch with Warner Bros, but they’ve been less than helpful,” “there is certainly a defect in at least parts, if not all, of Clouds and Transmissions. I hear an audible “ftttt fttttt” atop the tape hiss and band playing that is definitely NOT there in my CD,” “DEFINITELY a defect, regardless of what Warners might say,” “My Clouds Taste Metallic colored vinyl copy sounds terrible (a low quality mp3 of the album sounds much better),” “real shame to turn core fans off,” and “Wayne has plenty of time to tell us about the guy on ebay who is a “prick” for selling stage props or whatever, but has there been a response in any way about this debacle of a pressing”?

Some fans have reported receiving $10 refunds from Warners, while others have received new records and still others have been told the problems are non-existent or that the master tapes are flawed. We are not clear why different fans have received different treatment, or why the band has not done more to alert their customers of their options/ rights. We are particularly disturbed that despite being your most dedicated customers – willing to spend $125 dollars for music we mostly already own on various formats (including, in some cases, vinyl) – we are being ignored. We have been patient, hoping the “tests” and investigation some fans were told were needed would lead to a mass action.

We ask that you officially and publically deal with this matter, however you see fit, once and for all. This has gone on for too long.”

If you have problems, send this petition’s link along with a note of your personal problems to Warner Brother’s vinyl division head, Jeff Bowers at Because Sound Matters:

Jeff Bowers
Because Sound Matters
3300 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Sign the ipetitions here and follow updates at

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