The Flaming Lips Final 2012 Sessions Journey: New Gear, Pepto-Bismol and State Police

The Flaming Lips are recording the last of their (almost) monthly 2012 releases.  A collaborative effort with The Plastic Ono Band, it includes a new version of “Atlas Eets Christmas” (the title-track of their 2007 secret Christmas album – more on that here) and at least two new songs: “Brain of Heaven” and “The Fear Litany.”  One of these is possible a holiday sequel to the song  the two bands will play together on New Year’s Eve at midnight – The Plastic Ono Band’s classic “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”.  More details here; updates at facebook/TheFutureHeart and twitter/FutureHeartDay.

Follow their journey in photos and tweets below:!/waynecoyne/status/140869011972947969!/KliphScurlock/status/140839560920842240!/KliphScurlock/status/140869976318935040!/KliphScurlock/status/140922829175668736!/KliphScurlock/status/140923024651202560!/waynecoyne/status/140878005441540096!/waynecoyne/status/140973670750371840!/stevendrozd/status/141016692888305665!/waynecoyne/status/141026430535475200!/waynecoyne/status/141096346806525952!/KliphScurlock/status/141158966053961728!/waynecoyne/status/141234759773863936

Black and white photos below and above by Sean Lennon.  See more at SeanLennon.tumblr.!/waynecoyne/status/141346408493092865!/waynecoyne/status/141464081658937344!/stevendrozd/status/141535774167400449!/mzmartincoyne/status/141720839337951232!/stevendrozd/status/142114950754746369!/stevendrozd/status/142116838761967616!/waynecoyne/status/142298724327104513!/stevendrozd/status/142457445632057344

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