Tag Your Name on Soundcloud: “Found a Star on the Ground” – Flaming Lips’ Six-Hour Charity Song

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Six hours is exactly as much time as it takes a cop to book a DUI suspect, or for your television set to try and kill you, according to science. We thank the Flaming Lips for a much better option.”

“It’s taken us about three weeks. I think, in our usual overconfidence, I think we thought it would take a couple of days and it’s taken a couple of weeks.”
-Wayne Coyne to Rolling Stone

In the wee early hours of September 13th The Flaming Lips finished creating “I Found a Star on the Ground” – better known as their “six hour song.”  The band rushed to complete the track before heading back on the road to play seven shows between September 13th and 21st.   Exactly one week after its completion, Wayne Coyne personally sold the band’s first batch of Strobo Light Toys at Portland’s Jackpot Records.  By the next morning – September 21st – the entire six hours were streaming courtesy of Slow Nerve Action (unofficial Flaming Lips message board) – albeit split into three sections, two-hours each.

As previously reported, The Flaming Lips created a website in association with the project – flaminglipssixhoursong.com – which allowed fans to donate to two causes closely associated with the band.  Givers of $100 are named in the track by special guest Sean Lennon (yes, that Sean Lennon).  According to Wayne, “We kind of look at the list as like, there’s like a couple of movies out there where they read the list of all the people who have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Over the past couple of nights we’ve had Sean Lennon, and he’s read this pretty big list. I’m not sure of the number, but it’s over a couple hundred by now – and he’s read this whole list over the phone in kind of this strange tone that I think sounds like his father.”

The proceeds from the track benefit the OK Humane Society (self-described “nonprofit animal welfare organization; promotes adoption, trap/neuter/return and spay/neuter programs to help end pet overpopulation in the OKC metro area“) and ACM@UCO (the groundbreaking contemporary music college program with numerous close ties to the band).  You may remember, the Lips substantially donated to both these causes in December 2010: a poster Wayne Coyne printed with his own blood was auctioned on eBay for $10,000.00, all funds went to The Flaming Lips’-associated music college and the Central Oklahoma Humane Society.

If you are one of these donators named by – in Wayne’s words’ “the ghost of John Lennon” – please tag your name on the sound file at soundcloud by leaving your name as a comment at the point your name appears here, here or here

Additionally, if you are on twitter, please tweet your name with the hashtag #6hoursongtag (preferably @FutureHeartDay).

If you need some help finding your name to tag it, check the name guide at the bottom of this post – compiled by Guseldorph on Slow Nerve Action.  There’s inevitably mistakes in this list… please leave corrections on the comment section below.

Listen to the entire first 2 hours here.

Listen to the entire middle 2 hours here.

Listen to the final 2 hours here.


SECTION ONE: 88 names, starts at 1:36:48.

Chris Knuckduck
Doctor Roboteye
Steve Lomax
Delmar Crystal
Evan Purchell

Sylvain Theroux
C M Middleton
Jason Inglot
Downtown Lounge

Rhett Gardner
James Coffey
Sunel Takao
Mckenzie Ellis
Thomas Edward Ryan

Matthew Shura
Nicholas Nickump
Leslie Morelli
Hannah Lumpanon
Michael Jordano

Shianne Richardson
Nick Cheil
Leo Burnister
Jacob Gosteil
Kyle Shipva

Cody Kulenek
Eric Cancar
Michael Hole
Ronnie Abucita
Dani Hill

Erin Drapfum
Dan Poppy
Daisy Havan Tadreshi
Nicole Mcgrain
Alexander Druce

Nick Hastings
Shelby Fitzsimmons
Taylor Fitzsimmons
Ralph Shadeed
Katie Schwartz

El Osco
Dennis Miller
Lesha Maag
Andrew Knight
David Braniff

Elliot Masters
Rudy Lidtropf
Daniel Vaculin
Benjamin Bracco
Ken King

George Robert Pinter the 4th
Eric Lambert
Michael Lyle Dorian
Roberta Dorian
Bryan Howard

Stewart Spord
Zoe Gabriella Scarlet Fire Corway
Karl Westerbeck
Mark Skillicorn
Raphael Gonzales

Mike Willmers
Christopher James Thorpe
Daniel Tremorch
Karl Kasper
Victoria Frederickson

Andy Gilson
Dale Dawson
David McMann
Nick Tibbetts
Christopher Gralusky

Heidi Balstein
Stephan Watts
Riushi Takahashi
Jeremy Little
Doctor Beard

Turfton Lee
Tony Aslof
Richard Farmer
Louie Abramy

Glenn Tatt
Adam Wallace
Paige Redrup
Ferris O’Brien
Toxic Beauty Records

Olive Henderson, your youngest fan, thirteen days old
Jordan Zibbetts
John Spoden

Section One ends at 1:43:00.

SECTION TWO: 36 names, starts at 2:48:00.

Amy Holland
Alan Ludvan
Jimmy Duplo
Clouded Teeth
Brandon Weber

Arget Guha
Joseph Kowalzig
Andrew Jones
Ryan Pitts
Casper Wagons

Kristy Hart
Shannon Blasik
Roshawn Harmon
James Demanski
Stephen Ford

John Glossen Miller
Hobo Bianco Dobler
Tammy T
Caleb Scard
DJ Diverse

Nobahide Hanae
Tomomi Sagi
Olympia Staffew
Winfred Harimere
Bryce Hammond

Nickolson Nota
Carolyn Bundy
Spencer C Aires Hale
Bryce Anderson
John Gallias

Shawn David
Bonnie Elizabeth Phillips
Thomas Monigan
Slaw Haives
Jonathon Winter

Pete Robinson

Section Two ends at 2:51:20.

SECTION THREE: 27 names, starts at 5:18:50.

Eric Spinogle
Jackson Garland
Chris Testa
Daniel Lutz
Andrew Wilson

Rudolph Robert Litzie
Matthew Shop
Lily Burmalon
David “Socks” Goldfarb

Joshua Hester

Hotia Takaushi
Elanor Bergeron Way
Ken Centa
Gloria Gitas
Jake Bowe

Graham Blosh
Everett Baine
Cindy Baine
Denny Dennis Burn Martin
Julio Vega Rodriguez

Craig Lovett
Blake Matesic
Reed Falcon
Parker Davis Beard
The Rick Love Foundation

Evan Gordon
Jasper Jerecki

Section Three ends at 5:21:20.

SECTION FOUR: 66 names, starts at 5:46:30.
Lucille Grace Paige Olfgara Lancastar
Joanna Rose Benz
Frederick William Hardy
Robert Lacy
Michael Rice
Kyle Edwards
Rock Rock?
Derek Lawson
Michael Goldberg
Josh Welch
Laura and Megan
Suki Lane
Alan Richie
Alice Evans
Brad Van Orman
John Liturno
Alan Doubleretski
Teddy Torah
Will Flanagan
Eva Lawler
Chikiro Ikira
Auta Bahnd
Jennifer Hughes
Bob Mann
Lola Amsparkle
Michael Vort
Maria Havermeyer
Jennifer Sowell
Randall Brown
Darryl Fox
Zoe A Landsman
Jamie Booker
Nate Lind
Ben Tabelin
Amy Elizabeth Miller
Margaret Micunne
Dicky Fletcher
Palin Amanpat Sirubitencourt
Chelsea Benton
Monty Claire Greer
Caitlin Ingram
Mr. Analog Thomas Richard Sexpot Tube Top Super Nasty Morgan Rothchild, Esquire
Rene Hark
Lucinda Wilks
Robert Baker
William Bentley
Jonathon Sneecher
Shawn Patrick Dayglo Ross?
Dennis Bishoff
Vincent Pourior
Moninori Onichima
Wayne Pachs
Ezra Denton
Jeffrey Pollard
Liz Berry

Robert Mann
Meysell Quintana

Karen White

Dawn Feed Pula
Claw Hagerty
Tom Litfrot
Brian Caldwell
Scott “Disco” McDonald

Isabella Rose Rotter

Flash Gordon and Roger Dodger
Rafael Gonzales
Rick Gershon
Ian Fendick
Sara Molovinsky
Caleb Buchanan



Section Four ends at 6:00:00.

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  1. I have a minor correction for how you’ve spelt my name. My name is Brandon Weber and you’ve spelt it Brandon Webber.


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