Gustafer Yellowgold “Hot Nights” With Wilco’s Pat Sansone Video Premiere

Songwriter/cartoonist Morgan Taylor will release his eighth full-length Gustafer Yellowgold album on September 8, 2017, including two tracks with Wilco’s Pat Sansone. Titled Brighter Side, the new album for kids of all ages develops the story of Gustafer Yellowgold, a friendly alien who grew up on the sun but currently resides in Minnesota. Today we premiere the music video for “Hot Nights,” one of the two new tracks with Sansone, in which Gustafer tells of his former life on the sun, specifically the sleepless nights that come from living somewhere that hot.

Morgan Taylor was touring as the bassist and multi-instrumentalist in John Stirratt and Pat Sansone’s Wilco side project The Autumn Defense in 2004 when he first drew the character that became Gustafer Yellowgold. By 2005 Taylor created a Gustafer Yellowgold live show with original music and cartoons. You might have caught the act at Wilco’s Solid Sound Fest last month, or at one of the Polyphonic Spree’s annual holiday shows. Or perhaps you’ve seen the NAPPA Gold Award winning DVD/CD sets, Gustafer Yellowgold’s Have You Never Been Yellow? and Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wide Wild World, both honored by the Kids First! Film and Video Festival, or the Grammy nominated Gustafer Yellowgold’s Dark Pie Concerns.

Brighter Side, Gustafer’s first music-only release, is thematically divided between “In the Sun” songs telling tales of his youth on the sun, and “Most of the Earth” songs, sharing his current experiences living in the woods of Minnesota. Brighter Side also includes a chill re-recording of 2005 Gustafer Yellowgold classic “I Jump On Cake.” Pre-order Brighter Side on iTunes and get “Hot Nights” and “Lucky Day” instantly. Pre-order the CD at to receive a personalized inscription from Morgan Taylor. Follow Gustafer on facebook, twitter and instagram; watch more Gustafer videos on YouTube; and check out the tracklist for Brighter Side below:

Brighter Side Tracklist

1. Brighter Side
2. Ride A Line O’ Stars
3. Lucky Day
4. Meet Me By The Fun
5. Hot Nights (with Wilco’s Pat Sansone)
6. Ellen Lemon
7. Window
8. Baconstein
9. The Carvery (with Wilco’s Pat Sansone)
10. King of the Sun
11. I Love The Night

12. I Jump On Cake 2017 (Bonus Track)

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