Linear Downfall’s New Film and Album “Sufferland” Preview

Revised February 10, 2015

Nashville’s noise rockers Linear Downfall have finished Sufferland, their new album and filmInspired by David Lynch’s Eraserhead and Fellini, the film is self-described as “a walk through the many compartmentalized landscapes in the mind of a tormented girl who is under the control of a tormented man.” As for the music guitarist Chance Cook previewed the album in an interview with The Future Heart last year. “The first half is more electronic, app-based glitchy, mechanical,” he said. “The second half is acoustic drums, analog synths. The first half is more of a modern take on electronic music [compared to the second half], and the second half is a more old school take on electronic music. BBC Radiophonic music workshop, Silver Apples, White Noise, etc…Also this was our first record with Dom, which was a real treat to have another creative mind in the room.”

Charlee added, “It’s pretty different [than our previous albums]… The film will go along with the album! A visual interpretation I guess. What we see when we listen.

Sufferland will premiere at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre on April 7th with additional screenings to follow. Interested in hosting? Leave them a message to let them know….

Sufferland’s CD/DVD and vinyl pressing, promotion, screenings and merch is being funded right now at indiegogo. “We have always wanted to create a film to go along with our music, so we did! We can’t believe it turned out how it did with little to no budget,” they write on their pledge page. “We all go through dark periods in our life but the main objective is to find the light. No matter what is taken from us and we feel empty, ugly, and alone we can always find the happiness to make us whole again. This album/film is a great interpretation of just that. No matter how bad it gets we want you to know that you can get through everything. Life is a beautiful thing it is just how we perceive it.

Besides recording and filming Sufferland, Linear Downfall have been busy in the past year touring, releasing their latest EP, A Pink Floor and Two Others, and teaming with The Flaming Lips for their Electric Würms sideproject. Linear Downfall will again hit the road this winter. Check the tour dates below:

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