My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday

My Morning Jacket’s One Big Holiday is a four night, Mexican concert adventure taking place January 26-30, 2014.  Held at Riviera Maya soon-to-re-open Hard Rock Hotel, the hosts will headline three shows with the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop.
The Flaming Lips, Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Mariachi El Bronx will also perform and Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza will DJ.  Additionally there’s an “off-the-hook dance party” hosted by My Morning Jacket (surprises promised).  The event takes its name from the group’s signature song, of course.  Watch their classic Bonnaroo 2004 performance below.

Wayne Coyne is excited to be added to the bill, saying in the pres release, “being with Jim James is like hanging with an outlaw who just broke out of jail, but this outlaw is also Jesus Christ at the last supper…and there is music everywhere being made by magic birds that leave diamonds in your drinks.”

Jim James adds: “We’re elated to join forces with all these bands and musicians – we shall embrace hands and lift voices – singing praises to the heaves and to the earth and all that abide and reside in between and it shall be so sweet. Hands in the air, feet on the earth – or the other way around – resting sweet, perched in the arms of our beautiful new mother Mexico. One Big Holiday.”

Rather than host a conventional music festival, MMJ are striving to create “an intimate vacation experience in an exhilarating setting with just 2,500 fans.” All attendees will stay on site at the resort with meals included in the ticket price.   There’s other fun to be had as well:

As if 4 nights in paradise with MMJ was not enough, there are loads of activities (and plenty of time for siestas) to keep you going during the day.  Start your day with an outdoor yoga class, play tennis or basketball, go kayaking or snorkeling… then hit up a tequila tasting and a pre-show BBQ before the show. Interactive activities on vacation with your friends makes your experience even more memorable.

Surrounding the resort are some of Mexico’s most intriguing attractions. Xel-Ha is a natural park where the longest underground river in the world creates a fascinating landscape of inlets, lagoons and cenotes. At Xcaret eco-archeological park, guests can swim with schools of colorful fish along another underground river. Tulum is the archeological site of an ancient Mayan fortified city. Just a few minutes from the resort is the neighboring town of Playa Del Carmen, full of character, shops and local taco spots!

For photos of the activities described above and more details on the festival and tickets visit Ticket packages for One Big Holiday start at $1,249 per person, with only 2,500 slots up for sale.  Live collaborations between My Morning Jacket and the other bands seem very likely.

UPDATE – December 23rd

One Big Holiday’s schedule and activities have been announced. Preview the events in the descriptions below provided by Bowery Presents:

Juan Big Fiesta Theme Night
Bring your sombreros, drink your tequila and practice your salsa dance moves as this night is going to be a full-blown fiesta of the ages! Mexico is a country filled with rich culture, delicious foods, and a vibrant love-of-life spirit like no place on earth. Join us as we bring the spirit of this beautiful land alive with Juan Big Fiesta – Vamos a Mexico, Vamos con Mi Mañana Chaqueta!

Lip Syncing Contest
“If you’ve ever loved any of the singing contest shows on TV, this live version is made just for you. Send us your song or movie scenes HERE, or for the truly brave, simply show up and draw one from the hat. Get your Victory Dance ready.”

My Morning Straight Jacket
Try your luck at a menagerie of challenges to win some great prizes all while strapped into….you guessed it….a straight jacket. Challenges will take place in the morning.”

Texas Hold ‘em Tournament
Enter for your shot at the Big Kahuna money pot! Bet early and bet hard on your pocket pairs as this game is always lost on the river. First come first serve seating.”

Rock & Roll Music Trivia BINGO
Test your music knowledge and your ability to mark an x on a BINGO card after long nights on the Mexican beach listening to MMJ – great prizes will abound.”

Deep Sea Fishing
Participants will split up into boats that will quickly fan out into the Big Drink to seek out their prized pescados. Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

Coba Temples and Grand Cenote
Begin your magical tour by transporting back to the Ancient Mayan city of Cobá, home of the tallest pyramid on the Yucatan Peninsula. These majestic structures are uniquely set amidst lush vegetation in the Mexican rainforest. Visitors enjoy a fascinating guided tour of the archaeological site and have the opportunity to personally climb the pyramid, if they dare. The view of the rainforest is inspiring and leaves you in awe! Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

Snorkeling Adventure
Visit the 2nd largest coral reef in the world and enjoy the incredible national marine park teeming with tropical fish. There will be 2 ocean locations visited and once you are tuckered and ready for beach, enjoy a fantastico Mexican food spread and some sandy relaxation time. Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

Find yourself in water paradise at Xel-Ha (Water Spring, Xel meaning spring and Ha meaning water) and enjoy the extraordinary network of natural pools and waterways. You will be journeying through paths in a tropical forest and can jump into an incredible “natural aquarium” where you can snorkel in calm waters, a witness to its natural beauty. Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

An epic 2-tank dive at the world’s 2nd largest coral reef, which houses hundreds of species of marine life! You will be amazed by the parade of tropical fish, and will likely also see seahorses, turtles, angel fish, rays, and a huge variety of colorful coral. You may even be surprised by a lurking barracuda or hammerhead shark! Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

Tulum Express
Tulum is the only Mayan city built on ocean cliffs and today is one of the best-preserved cultural sites, as the city survived untouched for 70 years after the Spanish Conquistadores invasion. Explore an area believed to be sacred to the Mayan culture, and get lost among the many once-majestic buildings adorning the craggy cliffs. Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

Playa del Carmen Shopping Excursion
This is your chance to enjoy the arts, entertainment, food and tequila that Mexico has to offer. Calle Cinco (5th Street) is Playa del Carmen’s art & food district – you can stroll along the closed-to-traffic street and enjoy a plethora of shops and cozy coffee corners. We will provide a loose guide with points of interest, and you can create your own experience! Shuttles will be departing daily. Advance sign up information and other details coming soon!

Positive Legacy Donation Drive
One easy way for One Big Holiday patrons to support Positive Legacy’s local partner, Reef National Park of Puerto Morelos, is to donate one of the following items to the Positive Legacy headquarters (located in the Hard Rock Cafe Lobby). Reef National Park of Puerto Morelos will use these items in their outreach programs, helping to educate youth how to reduce waste pollution and keep reefs clean in the Puerto Morelos area.

UPDATE – November 4th

SiriusXM is offering round-trip airfare for two to Cancun, four nights at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, ground transportation to and from the airport in Cancun, two tickets to all One Big Holiday shows and more in their My Morning Jacket sweepstakes. Enter by December 5th here.

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