Introducing… The Gummy Fetus…

Two weeks ago, when The Flaming Lips released four new songs on a USB inside a life-size skull (made of the same edible gook gummy bears and worms are made with), I noted that Wayne’s next endeavor might be putting music in a gummy fetus (apparently inspired by the picture to the left).  It’s an idea that hasn’t gone over well with everyone – consequenceofsound called it, “just about the creepiest thing you’ll ever see” – but it’s just as fitting for the band as skulls.  Throughout their career they’ve used skulls and skeletons as creatively as any group – from the artwork on their first record to the annual March of a 1000 Flaming Skeletons Halloween parade they’ve hosted the past few years.  Likewise, “Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus With Needles” may just be the all-time quintessential Flaming Lips song
…and they even produced a 2009 Christmas ornament, the “Silver Trembling Fetus”- see it in Wayne’s sales pitch video, here). 

The Flaming Lips have made no announcement of a new fetus project yet – but apparently they’ve already created a proto-type (shown below).  We will no doubt be hearing more about the Gummy Fetus in the months ahead…
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