Follow The Flaming Lips On Twitter, Literally: The Road To Meeting With Neon Indian At Tarbox And The “Pussy High” That Followed

This is an edited version of the blog originally posted here on January 30, 2011.  Click here for the unedited, updated version.

We’ll start in late January,” Wayne Coyne explained to before Christmas in the article that officially announced the Flaming Lips’ plans for their 2011 song-per-month “album”.  He recently elaborated to about kicking the process off by recording with Neon Indian: “We’re going to do two or three songs with him and that shit should be ready to go pretty quickly.”  In fact, the Tarbox news page – the studio of The Flaming Lips’ producer and extended “member” (in the studio anyway) Dave Fridmann – reported the day before that Spin post: “Neon Indian is here, working on a new album with Dave.”  All that was missing from the collaboration getting underway was….  The Flaming Lips.

Now – with only one day left in the month – The Flaming Lips are recording the first song (songs?) for their year-long project.  Even if they aren’t taking the “monthly” notion literally (that is, even if the “January” release comes in early February), it should still be issued any day now.  With Neon Indian opening for The Flaming Lips at Dallas’ Jack Daniels Kick-Off Party this Thursday (February 3rd), presumably their collaboration will be out by then…
…. perhaps in time for the audience to already be familiar with it if they play it together live….

Whatever conspires in the next few days, their regular tweets are building the anticipation to find out.  Fans could literally follow them across the country from Oklahoma to Tarbox in Fredonia, (upstate) New York this weekend via twitter.  Now we wait to hear where that road has led them musically – the first stop on their year-long trip… 


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