Akon the Latest to Copy Wayne Coyne’s Bubble

For the full story on Akon, The Flaming Lips and all things bubbles in 2010 – click here.

At Australia’s Summerbeatz in late November 2010, Akon executed a stunt that may look familiar to Flaming Lips fans:

He repeated the Wayne Coyne-esque move at in Africa over New Year’s and TMZ posted a photo on January 4, 2010 that quickly spread around the web.0103_akon_bubble_TMZ_EX

More on Wayne Coyne, Akon and all things bubbles in 2010 -here.

Watch highlights from 2010-2011 NYE shows, here.

Ray Suen joined The Flaming Lips for NYE.  Learn about him and his Magic Space Harp – here.

The Soft Bulletin not-so-suddenly changed everything for The Flaming Lips- Think of the Past: The Soft Bulletin.

For the latest on The Soft Bulletin live, New Year’s Eve, songs of the day, music news, Flaming Lips

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