What’s Wayne Coyne’s Favorite Pink Floyd Album?

When asked in late summer 2010 Wayne said, “I veer between loving the Syd stuff and then going for the Roger Waters-driven era.  But I’ll pick Meddle as my favorite.  It’s a group effort, with lots of Gilmour vocals.”

“Some think Pink Floyd are cynical but a lot of it is optimistic, humanistic stuff.  [“Fearless’] talks about going up the mountain and peering over the cloud.”

For those that are surprised he didn’t pick Dark Side of the Moon, he has listed it as one of his favorite albums on other occasions.  Here’s what he had to say about that in 2010: “I also like The Dark Side Of The Moon.  That was until we re-recorded it last year.  Now we’re all sick of it, ha!  We recorded every song in a weekend.  It was entirely relaxed, no pressure, no desire for immortality.  Often the best stuff is made like that.”

Wayne’s Favorite Cuts on Dark Side of the Moon

1) “The Great Gig in the Sky”

Wayne Coyne: “The main thing… is this crazy vocalist who came in and did a session.  It left a lot of things open to me, that you can be a group and blur the edges.” p70, Q (magazine) #290 September 2010

2) “Any Colour You Like”

Wayne Coyne: “An awesome, dreamy track.  There’s something so simple and universal when you hear those chord changes and echoes; it’s like humans have heard this in their minds since the beginning of time and here it finally is.”

3) “Us and Them”

Wayne Coyne: “A beautiful series of chords and notes and meaning.  It’s almost the perfect piece of music.  You can even tolerate sax solos in this context.”

“One of the most perfect pieces of music ever, really — you cannot play that music without it overtaking you and remaining true to itself. I think we knew going into it that that song would be the least “touched” by us.”

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