In Excelsior Gummy Vaginalistic

Back in April, Wayne Coyne tweeted a few photos of Gummy Skull proto-types with holes in their heads (pictured at the bottom of this post).  Then came the photo immediately below: a gummy fetus and full-sized gummy skulls – the one on the right with that “hole.”  But that’s not just any hole

From song titles – “Oh My Pregnant Head (Labia in the Sunlight)”, “In Excelsior Vaginalistic” – to lyrics (like the line about menstruation in Zaireeka’s “A Machine in India”, “I’m standing in a cylinder seeing all the bleeding vaginas“) and visuals in their film Christmas on Mars and live presentation – the holes in these skulls follow in a long tradition of quintessential Lips imagery.  Frankly, compared to some of Wayne’s past ideas – like, say, his unrealized plan in 2006 to have the women in the audience wear vibrating panties remote controlled by him from stage – the notion of a gummy skull vagina is a tad passé.  At least it doesn’t involve fans stripping off Wayne’s trademark suit (like the “Watching the Planets” music video did – as seen in this GIF by justkeeptalking):

Wayne discussed gummy genital-heads in May both with (Wayne: “We’ve been working on these prototypes. That one’s not gonna come out for another six months or something, but that thing — we wanted to see if that would actually work. So, yeah, I think there’s a leg of [the gummy supplier] company that does sex toys“) and with fans backstage, as shown in this video:

Yes, you heard that video right.  Fans will have to eat through the gummy vagina – or finger it – to retrieve the Lips new music.  Wayne usually describes his vagina imagery as being about birth but clearly other implications are sometimes suggested (like when close-up images of a vulva and an eyeball are flashed as Wayne sings the conclusion to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon“all that you touch, all that you see”) – The Gummy Song Skull Vagina might just be one of those times…     

And in case anybody thought Wayne was joking back in May, in October he further confirmed to Pitchfork, “we’re going to make a skull that has an actual vaginal fucking thing stuck to the back of it– you have to reach into it to get the USB… I don’t want it to be too tied up with dicks and dildos and stuff but, I mean, yeah! Everything is possible.”

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