Coyne/Drozd 2012 Stickers

Taking stands on today’s most important issues, Wayne Coyne is a new kind of candidate… It’s time for us to elect an honest, hard working, real man of the people, who isn’t afraid to give out 10,000 laser pointers to an audience.”

Though the election for the next leader of the free world is still far away, the debates are already overheating. But what we really need is not four more years of this… or that


You know, we are at a defining moment in our history. Our nation is involved in wars, and we are going through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. And a lot of us are worried about our jobs, our pensions, our retirement accounts, our ability to send our children to overpriced colleges so – despite their impending unemployment upon graduation – they can still feel smug around peers that went to community schools, or none at all.

Americans are hurting right now, and they’re angry. They’re innocent victims of greed and excess on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C. and they have every reason to be angry. So we have to move swiftly, and we have to move wisely. We need a plan with transparency, accountability and oversight.

Americans want America to go in a new direction.

We need a President who is not afraid to speak his mind, or walk over the citizens of this great – but troubled – U. S. of A. in a space bubble. We need to vote for changes – like a Vice President with the ability to play multiple instruments, simultaneously. We need a dynamic duo: Wayne Coyne for President with Steven Drozd as his super side-kick…
… two non-politicians racing for the cure of all American-kind.

Help get Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd elected in 2012…
…with these spiffy Stickers!!!





Official Coyne/Drozd site:
Official sticker sale page:–t-shirts

Follow updates on all things Coyne/ Drozd at twitter/FutureHeartDay

Order several for yourself, your car, your locker, your guitar case, your friends and your family. It will be the holiday season again before you know it they make great stocking-stuffers!

Profits from the sale benefit The Academy of Contemporary Music at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Disclaimer: this effort is not affiliated with Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd, The Flaming Lips or The Academy of Contemporary Music.



“It started as a personal project to somehow make a subtle Flaming Lips sticker for my car, it ends with Wayne Coyne being the next President of the United States.” – Doug “Kind1002”


  1. Jeff Richardson and Steven Drozd – Do They Know It’s Christmas?
    Evangelicals – The Last Christmas on Earth
    Samantha Crain – Christmas for Cowboys
    Admiral Twin – Carol of the Bells


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