Download “The Soft Bulletin” and “Dark Side” Live at Hollywood Forever and Beyond…

“There’s a quagmire for sensitive people at the core of ‘The Soft Bulletin.’ People think the world is full joy and wonder and that giving more joy to the world will result in more wonder and more love. There’s a lot of pain and torture, too… ‘Soft Bulletin’ asks, ‘Is the world more beautiful than horrible and what can we do?’ I couldn’t have said that while making the album — that would have been a brutal thing to do.”
-Wayne Coyne to Billboard

Last June The Flaming Lips played both Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon (interspersed with songs from Wizard of Oz) and their own classic The Soft Bulletin at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  Stream or download The Soft Bulletin here and Dark Side of the Moon here.  Both are EXCELLENT multi-camera videos of the full sets edited by fan-film extraordinaire Jim Charna.  Sample it below:

That show came with the very limited release of a strawberry Gummy Song Skull (with a marijuana-flavored brain) containing The Soft Bulletin recorded live, “a unique playlist” and music videos for live versions of “Race for the Prize” and “What Is the Light” (recorded at SUNY Fredonia).  Check out photos from the skull’s packaging production line (above and below) followed by a stream of the two live music videos and the rest of The Soft Bulletin live album, Live La Fantastique de Institution 2011 – plus a behind-the-scenes video.

You can also download the full Soft Bulletin live on May 19th in Atlanta – opening night of the Spring/Summer 2011 series of shows featuring said album – at The FutureHeart Vimeo page….
   …. and Jim’s multi-cam edits of the same album performed live last New Year’s eve and at Alexandra Hall on July 1st (both include “Slow Motion” (the only two times that song has ever been played live).

Follow updates at (NEW), facebook/TheFutureHeart (also NEW) and twitter/futureheartday 


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