Help Make 50th Birthday Message for Wayne Coyne!!


Wayne Coyne turns 50 on January 13th!!

Fans of Flaming Lips’ front-freak Wayne Coyne are making a special Birthday Message for him – want to help???

Say “Happy Birthday” to Wayne in whatever way suits your style and it will get edited into a montage video to be posted on YouTube and sent to Wayne on his big day! (Update: check out the finished video – plus see how Wayne celebrated his big day – with drag queens, weird gals, vikings, goats, bondage rabbits, a pig’s heart and karaoke – here).

Here’s some suggestions:
a) record yourself (perhaps with a group of friends) singing “Happy Birthday” to Wayne (possibly in costumes) – video would be great, but audio alone is also fine
b) submit a photo of yourself with Wayne
c) paint a picture – nothing says “Happy Birthday” like original art
d) record an original jingle perhaps like a birthday version of this … but don’t worry if the production isn’t as slick
d) draw something – even a quick doodle is welcome
e) get creative with Photoshop or computer drawing/ art programs
f) get creative with an etch-a-sketch, chalk on the sidewalk, tonight’s dinner, legos, found objects… whatever!
g) submit a favorite Flaming Lips photo you took at a concert or elsewhere
h) make a short video – feeling inspired by the yfrog videos Wayne tweets? make one of your own to wish him well on his 50th – or make a YouTube video (say, of yourself dancing with Christmas lights wrapped around you, or whatever…)
i) get a tattoo!
j) … a short written message is enough – leave some words in the comments section below to be included in the video, or tweet something to and your text will be worked into the video with your name (or screen name, or no name – whatever your stated preference)

All credited name (or anonymity) wishes will be respected…

…. and if you have a link (say, your YouTube profile or your band’s website – and your band played a song for Wayne) leave a note with your submission for it to get included in the description of the finished video.

Your birthday message could really be anything….  it can be geeky, freaky, funny, simple, cute … just keep it fun, creative and in the spirit of helping Wayne celebrate – and since I’m hoping on getting many submissions, keep it brief enough that I can include everybody’s work in one video.

You don’t have to have special talent or lots of time to contributewhatever you submit will be appreciated!

Upload your submission anywhere on the web you feel comfortable doing so (that I’ll have access to – i.e. your blog, your Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, yfrog, twitpic) … all I need is a link to your image/ audio/ video.  Once I save your content you can take it down, if so desired.

Send the link of your uploaded submission and any other details (i.e. name to be credited, anonymity, links to include, etc) to or tweet @futureheartday… or leave it in the comments section below (whatever suits your needs and convenience).

Every effort will be made to include every submission – but if a flood of entries come in they will be selected on a first -come basis (so enter as soon as possible!) and may be edited for time…

And even you don’t want to submit anything – you can still help out by spreading the word to all other Flaming Lips fans… link this page ( to your Facebook, tweet it, make some phone calls, blog about it, hang up a sign in your local record store… whatever!

If nothing else – “just be a nice person”…

“Michelle, who met her husband [Wayne Coyne] almost 15 years ago, shakes her head at his willingness to leap off the bench again and again. She explains how he sings ‘Happy Birthday’ on family occasions with the same enthusiasm he displays on stage.”  

-Amy Raphel, “Straight from the Lip,” The Guardian, June 29, 2003

Wayne Coyne sings “Happy Birthday” to Flaming Lips’ fans.    

He sung “Happy Birthday” to band-mates.    

He’s sung it with Beck.     

He’s even sung it with a marching kazoo band!     

And after he’s all done with his singing duties for the night, he’s still not done singing “Happy Birthday.”

It’s time we sing Happy Birthday to Wayne!  


  1. Yes, Terminal 5, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New Jersey. Here’s two awesome pics of me on stage, but I don’t know who to credit them to. They were from a music show review site. But nonetheless, I love these two pics.!/photo.php?fbid=1216557058526&set=a.1647864640946.90293.1366857920
    Do you know if there is a way to buy a copy of the DVD from Terminal 5 that was recorded for the live stream?


  2. Jeanine:
    Another great submission, thanks!
    I love the age range of Flaming Lips fans. So much music today is so “demographic specific.” It just goes to show once again that a band with good tunes, good stories, good presentaion and good vibes can appeal to all different people… not just a clique who adopts them as flavor of the month.

    Did you dance at all those shows?

    I haven’t heard anything about being able to buy a Terminal 5 DVD but I’ve heard some fans have copies from the stream (I’m glad you reminded me about that… I have to do some investigation).
    Also, in December Fuse-TV broadcasted an hour film (commercial-free) of all the bands at the Spin 25 concert series. The Flaming Lips were the last 10 minutes of the program. There was a short interview with Wayne and then See the Leaves/ Laser Hands.
    I have no idea if Fuse is going to show it again.


  3. Toni and all others just finding out about this:
    I’m starting to edit the submissions together right now… so it’s not too late to enter.

    There’s no formal deadline, but if you enter something tomorrow (Tuesday) I can’t 100% promise it will get in (though it’s still likely it will get in – especially if it’s a video entry).

    And if you enter tonight, it will surely get in.


  4. Thank you for letting the fans contribute to this!!! Wayne has been not just an important musical influence, but an incredibly kind, compassionate, witty, human being. I am truly lucky to have met him. Below is bunch of photos of my family at several of the Lips shows we attended last year (Montclair, NJ, SummerStage, NYC, Terminal 5, NYC, HOB-Orlando, St. Augustine, FL)

    My daughter drew a picture of the band and gave it to Wayne:

    Wayne like my daughters DJ Lance t-shirt

    Wayne and my girls before Summer Stage in Central Park.

    My hubby Jeff and Wayne

    Maddie drew a picture of Wayne

    Bailey gets a bear hug from Wayne

    The two men in my life:


  5. Patty
    I was actually at some of those shows. If you remember a guy in a Santa suit – that was me. Anyway, appreciate all the photos. It looks like you may have to “friend” me though (or something like that, I never use facebook so I’m not totally clear how it works – though I do have a page) before I can open them. My facebook name is psychexfutureheart.

    The same goes for the two pictures from the press of you on stage. For some reason all your other facebook links work fine but I’m blocked from those two.

    ***And a note for anybody else**** submitting via facebook – set your privacy settings or friend me so I the links will work.

    Thanks to all.
    It’s starting to come together wonderful from all the contributions.


  6. Hi again! I sent you a friend request on facebook. Go ahead and check out my photos. I have them split up by the concert dates. I have many great shots besides the “Wayne&me” shots that I already submitted. Thanks again for taking the initiative to do this for Wayne!


  7. i love Wayne
    always have
    even before i knew who he or the flamin lipz even were.

    im glad he’s out there, kickin ass for all the rest of us.

    thanks Wayne, thanks for being you


  8. Thanks again for putting all of this together. I can’t imagine all the work that went into editing that video in that short amount of time and turned out really amazing! I want to hear what Wayne thinks-will think-thought about it!


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